Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mid-Week Ramblings

I somehow can't do one topic of late and it bugs me. Maybe things will slow down but I'm beginning wonder. I actually stayed home from the semi-annual trip to City Council on Monday night. I was still coughing a bit and spared them my wisdom until a later date when I have more to atta . . . er . . . ah . . . tell them. I'm determined to hit the road for a few days before the snow flies but we'll see.

* Census time is coming and I went and took the test this morning and scored well so there's a good chance I'll be one of the first hires -- hopefully as a secretarial type. The guys running things are all elders and were very nice to me. After the test, the guy in charge even gave me the phone number of someone he knows who needs someone who speaks Spanish. Cool.

* I had a HUGE surprise when I called the office to tell Jeff I'd be late because of the test. I didn't recognize the voice of the person who answered the phone and asked, "Melvin?" The guy said, "No, es Leo." I hollered, "Leo! Amigo! What the hell are you doing here?" He laughed and said we'd talk when I got there. I could hardly wait to get the test out of the way so I could see him and find out how he and his little one, Zoah, were doing in since they returned to Argentina. I walked in his office and hollered "Abrazos! (Hugs!)" and I got a big one. I've missed him -- he is such a great young man. The good news is he's here for two weeks and we can get caught up and maybe go to dinner.

* So the Republicans spent over $150, 000 on Sarah Palin's wardrobe, hair and makeup. You can read about it here and here as well as other of her eyebrow-raising antics. My take? You can put lipstick and designer clothes on a pig and it doesn't raise its IQ a single point so why bother? And yeah, if I were Alaskan taxpayer, I'd be hollering about her using my money for her kids' travel expenses. No wonder Alaskans pay the highest taxes in the country.

* What is ACORN's agenda? They think every single one of us who qualifies should vote. So do I. Watch this and listen carefully to what Conservative Paul Weyrich says. I was appalled and you should be, too. If you don't think everyone should vote, I question your belief in the Constitution of The United States of America.

It's a work day with lots to do and assorted other madness on the agenda.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Kay
    Guess which bear is over on my blog today?
    Go ahead---guess!!!

    Bear((( )))

  2. I find it really perplexing that they'd spend that much on Palin's appearance, and not make her sit down for 30 minutes to read the Constitution.

    I'd be enraged, but I'm too tired.

  3. Kay,

    You might be "hollering," but Sarah would be "hollerin'," gosh darn it!

  4. heard an NPR interview earlier this week with someone who has published a comic book version of the constitution. repubs might try reading that though they are so very busy with cranking out nasty stuff.

    fingers crossed for you re better days ahead workwise.

  5. Again, the Republican party doesn't have a record to stand on. John McCain is tanking, so they have to change the subject with lies, wildly overblown innuendo, and divisiveness. Karl Rove should be a pariah having introduced this slime into our system.

  6. After the federal election here in Canada I listened on the tv to some jerks mulling around the idea that having a university education or greater should entitle one to more than one vote in a federal election.Three votes seemed to be the consensus versus one for each of the rest of us.


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