Thursday, October 16, 2008

Angry and Upset and Sick and at a Loss

Get ready! I am in full-tilt boogie screaming yenta mode with The Cranky Old Broad along for the ride!

As y'all know, I have been being treated for an upper respiratory infection for the last two weeks. The first week the doctor at Immediate Care gave me some antibiotics and told me to go to bed for two days. I followed orders and went back to work even though I'd seen no improvement. A few days later (a week ago) when the first round of antibiotics ran out and I was still coughing up my lungs and generally feeling lousy, I called the clinic I go to because I have crappy medical coverage and explained what was going on and they told me to go to the after hours clinic and see the doctor there. So I did. That doctor put me on stronger antibiotics, prednisone and an inhaler and sent me back to work, etc. despite that I felt really awful.

Today I still felt like death and the meds obviously hadn't done their job and mid-afternoon at work I suddenly felt dizzy and like steel bands were wrapped around my head and neck and my vision is a bit blurry. I called the clinic nurse and got a recording and left a message for her to call me back. She never did. I started feeling worse and was in tears and I decided that I should go home so I told the boss that I was going to take off a bit early. He said okay so I came home.

I called a friend in hope that I'd feel better and made myself eat supper. Nothing helped -- the steel bands were still there as well as the vague dizziness so I called the clinic number again. humanoid answered and I explained my problem. She told me that a nurse would call me in a half hour. The nurse actually called and again, I explained what I'd been experiencing and she told me to come to the hospital. I hesitated to do so because I really didn't think I should drive and but decided to go ahead. (Before y'all tell me to call someone, experience has taught me that no matter how people tell you to call if you need help, they don't mean it unless you're bleeding to death.)

I got to the hospital okay and told my story -- AGAIN! -- and they took my blood pressure and I got to answer all the same damn silly questions yet again. When I finally got to see the doctor he told me that I had been being treated for the wrong things with the wrong stuff and that my problem was either viral or allergy-related (I don't have allergies) and that I had no need to be there but he was going to order me Zyrtec and cough medicine. AND he told me that it was an emergency room and I shouldn't be there. (So why did the nurse tell me to go there?) I got angry and got dressed went to the front desk and asked to see someone in authority. They asked if I'd seen a doctor. I said yes and that I wanted to see someone in authority. No one available I was told. Right. I came home. And yeah, they'll send me a bill.

I still feel like hell. If anything, I feel worse. I guess that I'm not allowed to get decent treatment. I wonder how McCain and Obama would fix this. Then again, I think I know and I'll be no better off than I am now.

In my next life I'm gonna be rich instead of good-lookin' (eyes rolling -- uh huh)! Sigh. Suggestions/solutions are welcome.

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  1. Kay
    I so feel for you.
    It is very frustrating when you feel awful and the gods (aka Doctors) say that they can't help you.
    If you were here (in Camada) I would take you by the hand to my wonderful GP. He is the best. When he can't find a solution to the problem he has no qualms about sending you to a specialist that can help.
    It is times like this that I realize how very fortunate we Canadians are because when we are ill we don't have the worry of medical bills every time we have to see a doctor.

    Gentle hugs my friend and hopefully you will find some medical help soon to your problem.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Kay,

    From a few hundred miles away, I send good wishes & thoughts. I'd send a doctor and some effective meds if possible.

    If it's viral (and that sounds right), you can only treat the symptoms. Make sure you feel as comfortable as possible -- that is, warm, happy, un-stressed -- that will boost your immune system and help your body fight this. If you have errands that are nagging at you (take out trash, clear the sink, etc.) I'm sure there's someone who would help you out with that, and it would be part of the de-stressing.

    Sorry about the dumbth of the person on the phone who sent you to the wrong place. Cluelessness runs rampant in MD offices, unfortunately.


    {{{Extra hug}}}


  3. I'm so sorry to hear that you're ill! Damned health care system! This has got to be fixed and fixed soon!

  4. None of this will be happening. I think that I am just supposed to die.

  5. I'm sorry, Kay, and I hope that you will get better soon. I know that viral infections can be horrible, since there is nothing to cure them any more quickly than they will go on their own.

  6. sorry you've been going through this. feel better soon. wish we lived closer...i could rush over with some very powerful chicken soup--that'd knock whatever you have for a loop.

  7. Oh Kay, let me extend to your my greatest sympathy and let me also share in empathy. It is truly the pits to deal with most medical personnel. I have been attempting for over 90 days to get help for my shoulder. Among the doctor, the nurse, the receptionist and the insurance company, I feel like the ball in the pinball machine.

    Yea, I don't think Obama or McCain can get the sense of Omnipotence out of the medical profession. (Okay, my medical friends and family and bloggers are excluded from this rant.)

    Bless your little pea pickin' heart Kay. I certainly hope you are at least finally on the mend. Keep us posted.

  8. Kay, I am so sorry. If I were near I would put you to bed and see that you stay there until this virus departs. You need rest, lots of liquids, and Mom's chicken soup.

    The bad economy will stop any hope of reforming the broken medical system I'm afraid. I won't live long enough to see good health care for all.

  9. Kay, I am so sorry. If I were near I would put you to bed and see that you stay there until this virus departs. You need rest, lots of liquids, and Mom's chicken soup.

    The bad economy will stop any hope of reforming the broken medical system I'm afraid. I won't live long enough to see good health care for all.

  10. Nancy1:39 PM

    Dear Kay,

    I wish there was something I could write that would make you feel better but there isn't, so I will just say that I hope and pray you make a complete recovery soon.

    Thinking of you!

  11. IT is a shame that we don't have good health care for everybody. I do think there is a big difference in treatment although I know from experience you can have good insurance and still get crappy treatment. You didn't sound good on the phone and I don't think being talked to that way would make anyone feel better. Respect. Does that cost so much? I don't have any good solutions for you except do your best to stay calm, lots of calm breathing, plenty of liquids. If you have chronic bronchitis, the dust will help. My husband had that but the rest of how you feel sounds like a mix of things wrong and doctors don't deal well with anything that doesn't have a simple answer :(

  12. Don't Die Kay! I love you too much. I wish I were next door or that you were in my hometown. Our wonderful dr is so caring and takes such good care of us. I wish I could bring you to him.
    I am in agreement with Rain. respect shouldn't cost a thing. I think sometimes the ditzies up front should have to go through themselves in order to see a dr. The front end of a dr. s office can make or break the practice.
    sorry everyone was so terrible to you. you need someone to stick up for you when you are feeling sick. so so so sorry. My prayers are with you. I will put you on a prayer roll too.
    done. There now everyone who enters the Provo Utah Temple will pray for you and it will stay on that prayer roll for two weeks. love you muchly


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