Friday, March 28, 2008

It's the Friday Groaner!!!!!

Kent McKamy sent along this wonderful series of resounding groans that gave me the added bonus of giggles!!!! That it's about one of my favorite painters adds to the fun for me! I think y'all will enjoy it as well!!!!!! There is but one groaner left in the queue for this feature. 'Nuff said?

Van Gogh's Family Tree

* His dizzy aunt: Verti Gogh
* The brother who ate prunes: Gotta Gogh
* The brother who worked at a convenience store: Stop 'n Gogh
* The grandfather from Yugoslavia: U. Gogh
* The cousin from Illinois: Chica Gogh
* His magician uncle: Where Diddy Gogh
* His Mexican cousin: A. Mee Gogh
* The Mexican cousin's British half-brother: Ring Gogh
* The nephew who drove a stage coach: Wells Farr Gogh
* The constipated uncle: Cant Gogh
* The ballroom dancing aunt: Tang Gogh
* The bird lover uncle: Flaming Gogh
* His psychoanalyst nephew : E. Gogh
* The fruit loving cousin: Man Gogh
* The aunt who taught positive thinking: Wayto Gogh
* The little bouncy niece: Poe Gogh
* The sister who loved disco: Go Gogh

and last, but certainly not least, my favorite:

His aunt who traveled the country in a van: Winnie Bay Gogh


Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Well, these got a good ole chuckle out of me


  2. Wasn't he the guy who could ear less than you or I for some reason?

  3. perfect!! i gotta steal it for my blog.

  4. Love the Van Gogh family....hope your weekend has been good Kay.

  5. All your groaners are good but this one takes the cake!!

    I'm sorry to see them go!


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