Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Random Thoughts

I made it to Mass early this morning after spending much of yesterday feeling like garbage so before I head out to refill the fridge, etc., I thought I'd share a few thoughts and things I tripped across this week.

* Thanks again to all y'all who are following "How I Got to Be Me." I'm astounded at the responses both here and in e-mail.

* Speaking of the series, I found a cute ceramic sign that falls in with my contention that life's too short to wear ugly shoes. It reads: "One shoe can change your life. -- Cinderella" Of course I dropped the $12 for it and it will grace a wall near my desk.

* I was directed to this
blog by a friend who has met the author personally and vouches for her credibility. That the friend who directed me to it is a staunch Republican and VietNam vet sends a resounding message. I am outraged. What do you think?

* If you've been reading here for a while, y'all know that I am rabid on the subject of the sexualization of children. I hate seeing little girls tarted up like Times Square hookers. Heck! I was appalled when my Kate was about nine and my mother-in-law bought her Calvin Klein underwear and that was nothing compared to what they're hawking now. Check out this article on
Miss Bimbo and weep. I did and, again, outraged, too! Have we lost our sense of decency not to mention our minds?

* Want to learn more about the quality of care at hospitals in your area? In a rare display of taxpayer dollars well-spent, the Feds have set up a
website that does just that. It's really quite interesting, informative, and even user friendly -- it even adjusts the font larger for aging eyes! Good stuff!!!

* Is anyone besides me tired of the presidential race? From where I sit (as far away as possible), the front runners all leave a great deal to be desired and I've felt that way since I began voting forty years ago. Am I being picky? Damn right! I want a person of honor and integrity in the Oval Office. Is there such an animal anymore? I don't know but if there is, he/she is probably to smart to get involved with the mess this country is today. And so it goes . . .

* Found this on YouTube the other day. Is it possible to laugh and be scared simultaneously? I think so because that's how I felt watching this.

Hope y'all have had an awesome weekend and have a great week. The next installment of HIGTBM will probably appear on Wednesday. Oh! and The Friday Groaner will have it's last hurrah this week. I am very sad about that.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. WOW, Kay, that's enough links to keep me busy all week!

  2. Say it isn't true about Snopes -- oh well, not much is free of bias any more. Some other interesting links here, too.

  3. Snopes...sad state of affairs. McCain...even sadder.

    As far as the Miss Bimbo site.... surgery for 9 year olds? Diet pills? YOU HAVE TO BE FRIGGIN' KIDDING ME!!!!! Stop...enough. These are babies. This site should be banned.


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