Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Sunday Thoughts

It's Sunday and the Kay's mind is reeling. It's been a wicked week. Part of it is my own damned fault because I've done a couple hair-brained things; part of it is that I'm not feeling well. Maybe one has something to do with the other. Whatever the cause, I'm not having much fun.

* I had some nasty chest pains yesterday evening and that made me nervous. Fortunately, they went away after I took some of my meds for panic attacks. Don't know if that was the right thing to do but it worked.

* I, like some of y'all, have had problems with Blogger's spelling checker not working. If you would like to report it you may do so
here. Just click on the blue 'Report' button. They do know about it but if we all keep after them, maybe they will get it fixed more quickly. I don't have a problem with spelling but I do have a problem with typos.

* I found a really neat blog called
Tips for New Bloggers that has all sorts of great, helpful stuff about Blogger. I think it's great for those of us who have been around awhile -- especially people like me who are technologically challenged.

* I made a phone call to someone I shouldn't have and it's left me somewhat bereft. It reminded me of some emotional pain I'd been ignoring. It's not always a good idea to do things like that. Sometimes you really don't need to know things.

* It was a relatively nice day yesterday after a week of nasty weather. So why did I sit here like a bump on a log?

* I did a Happiness Audit when I visited my friend, the Executive Happiness Coach at his site. My work is cut out for me.

* Here's some video from everybody's favorite YouTuber,
geriatric1927. It includes an update on The Zimmers and what they've been doing! Enjoy!

Hope y'all have been having a great weekend!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Yeah, watch out for making those phone calls or sending emails to people you shouldn't. I did the same thing a few months back, and I deeply regret it. I should have just let sleeping dogs lie.

  2. Kay, thanks for the link to the Tips site. It's mostly Greek to me, but I may find some help there if I persevere.

  3. Kay,

    Thank God those chest pains were nothing but anxiety.

    Hope you have a better week this week than last.

    Take care!

  4. Sometimes those spontaneous phone calls don't turn out well and you're sorry that you made them; but I hope that call didn't set you in too 'blue' a mood Kay. You have a beautiful humor about you...and that's too valuable to waste on blue moods.

  5. Kay, please don't diagnosis your own chest pains. Heart disease is the number 1 killer of women. Not breast cancer or any other disease. Heart disease! We are mistreated by most doctors because they do not recognize the symptoms of women's heart disorders. How do I know this -- been there -- done that. There are not many women around to tell about this because most women die from that first major attack. I was fortunate to be in a place to get help in the first 6 minutes of my attack. My doctor was treating me for a million of the wrong things. Am I trying to scare you? Yep, I try to scare every woman I can. Anyway, get a check up just in case. We need you out here writing for us!


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