Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happiness Help

I am in Cranky and Sad Old Broad mode. The Kay is losing her mind. Right now my head feels as if its going to explode. I can't call it a headache -- it's just some weirdness that's been bothering me a lot. I am not happy with my world and I am tired. I am tired of struggling to survive. I am tired of caring about people who don't care about me. I am tired of being alone. I am tired of not feeling well. And right now it seems that there isn't a damned thing I can do about any of it. Bear with me and trust that I will be all right. I just have to wade through the crap and get on solid ground.

One of the best resources I have when life gets more lifelike than I want it to be is a visit to my friend Jim Smith's site. Jim calls himself The Executive Happiness Coach. His website explains what that entails I discovered him when my friend Marcia, a graduate of one of his programs, shared his newsletter with me. I liked it so well that I subscribed to it and look forward to it's arrival every few weeks. Sometimes, like today, I wonder if it really helps but know that it does.

I got to know him because in one of his newsletters he wrote about a problem his wife was having and I emailed him with my experience with some things in my life and how I got through them that might help. He wrote back to me and a friendship was born. He's invited me to participate in a new program he's developing and I'm really looking forward to it and am honored that he did so. Check out him out -- I think you'll find what he has to say interesting and maybe even helpful. I framed his 13 Principles of Happiness and have them hanging in my work area. Some days they work better than others but such is the case with most things in my life.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sorry you're having a crappy day/week/month... The term "sad old broad" made me laugh and I'm going to save it in my brain for future utterance, - if I can remember it.
    February is half over - spring will be here soon!

  2. I am sorry that you're not in the pink, as they say. I think you can talk yourself out of the doldrums, if you try. I hope you can.

  3. I am with you. I've had a lousy week, and I'm mad at everyone.

  4. Thansk for sharing Jim's site, Kay. I LOVE the 13 principles and am on total agreement. I hope you feel better.

  5. I have been having a lot of stress also. Coincidentally, I have anxiety attacks that I can't figure out the why of but anyway I relate to what you are saying here. I got an email forward today from a psychic in Tucson. Don't know if you are into such thinking but I am going to include a few words from it that might let you know you're not alone. This is a highly stressful time. It sounds like you are being impacted by it.

    "This is a very intense time of deep healing, learning, changing, and stepping forward out of old patterns into new. It is crucial during this time to do whatever it takes to keep your vibrational level up. Use the sun, light, meditation, rose oil, music, being around loved ones etc. Spiritual rewards come from the discipline of changing old habits and this is the best opportunity you will have. Put yourself first; above work or other responsibilities that have the illusion of being more important."


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