Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Answers!!!! We Get Answers!!!!

Argh!!!!! I got up this morning and somebody dumped about 3-4 inches of white stuff all over my car and my sidewalks! Needless to say it wasn't a fun way to start my day. I made it to work okay and felt good 'cause the boss said he was glad to have me back and promptly handed me a new, interesting research project. He's been letting me do some of his legal research and I really enjoy that sort of thing and all the time I've spent surfing the Web is paying off or so it seems. I felt better today that I've felt in days. Think maybe working is good for me? There goes any thought of retiring.

I love the Blogosphere and my friends here. I ask a question I'm puzzling over and I get answers I can share with y'all! I goof up and good old Anonymous decides he has to tell me about it. Guess what? I am not afraid to admit I got the OSU coach's name wrong. I do know that his name is Jim -- not Bill. The post was typed in the excitement of victory!!!! Mea culpa!!!!! How come critics think they have to be anonymous? Just a thought. On the other hand, this anonymous one is obviously a true blue Buckeye who probably bleeds Scarlet and Gray like the rest of the faithful and I understand.

A tip of my Eskimo hat to Ell over at
Pomegranate Tiger (which, I might add, is an excellent, interesting blog) who sent along this link she found to contact Blogger. If you have issues with them, I suggest you click on the link and use it. I know I will -- I don't want anyone's access to my blog curtailed.

Betty from Old Dog New Trick pointed out some issues re:
The National Do Not Call List and I, of course, put on my Sherlock Holmes cap to investigate after tipping it toward Arkansas. It states emphatically on the website:

"Your registration will not expire. The Federal Trade Commission will not drop any telephone numbers from the National Do Not Call Registry based on a five-year expiration period pending final Congressional or agency action on whether to make registration permanent." Read more about it here
. Does it bother anyone but me that Congress is deciding whether to make this permanent? I wonder how big and how rich the telemarketing lobby is . . .

There are also different features. You can verify that your numbers really are on the list. I ran both my home phone and my cell and learn that my cell was on the list but not my home phone and that really annoys me because I am sure I registered both. I'm pretty sure I have the emails confirming it so it means I have to search for them so I can use another feature on the site called "Complaints". It's a pretty handy site and y'all might want to pay it a visit.

All is not skittles and beer and if y'all are so inclined, please flip what a buddy of mine calls "the Hawaiian Good Luck sign" toward my bank. I came home from work and my debit card was NOT in my mailbox. I am intensely angry. I called their toll-free customer service and hollered and do you know what the rep asked me? He asked me if I wanted to cancel the one they allegedly sent me and have him order me another. I said, "What? So I can wait another week for a another card that doesn't arrive?" My blood pressure doesn't need this and the bottom line is I am now late on paying some bills and am down to almost no cash. I didn't have enough cash to get lunch today or put gas in my car. The bank is open 9-4 and I work 9-5. Fortunately, my car isn't running on empty but my nerves sure are. This is an outrage. They told me it would arrive within 5 working days and it's been over a week. We are not amused.

Aren't y'all glad to see the status quo in Kay's World remains constant -- always insane and always an adventure?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. kay, you have serious public service stuff here--thanks!

    check out my blog for a hat tip to you and other elderbloggers to take up the mantle of TGB--each in her/his own way. you're already doing it!

    yours, naomi

  2. Thanks for the links, Kay, and I am sorry about your debit card.

  3. Sorry about your debit card, hope it comes soon!

    LOL I just did a huge long comment about our bank and thought that perhaps I should save that for a blog entry.


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