Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Random Cranky Thoughts/Rants on a Snowy Wednesday

Yeah, it's December in Ohio and it's snowing and giving the Kay pause about sticking her nose out of her cocoon and it's making her cranky. I'm not used to winter driving after years of depending on our local transit system. I'm going to check the larder and, hopefully, I can stay planted here until I return to work tomorrow.

* My so-called vacation has been dreadful and I haven't accomplished a damned thing. Mostly I alternated between sleeping for hours and hours and insomnia which resulted in my feeling like death. Fortunately, I have an appointment on Thursday with my Internal medicine resident and if I can get her mind off things that don't really matter this time, maybe she'll address what is going on now. These damn doctors keep getting all hung up on my medical history and a medication I take and ignore the REAL problems. Don't tell me to change doctors -- people without decent health insurance can't do that and my blood pressure can't handle a walk down that alley today.

* I lost my debit card a week ago. I realized it quickly enough and had it cancelled immediately. The girl at my bank told me I would have a replacement within five business days. Guess what? I don't have a debit card yet. I live and die by that dreadful piece of plastic. I use it to shop and pay my bills online. I don't carry cash or use my checkbook much. I just got off the phone with my bank about not receiving it. The lady told me that it was sent on the 27th and that I should be receiving it and not to worry. Right -- it's the 4th. Are they sending it from Antarctica? I told her if it wasn't in my mailbox today, I wouldn't be so polite on my next call. I need that card. The utility companies here no longer have offices where you can go pay bills in person -- so much for customer service. And isn't it awful to be dependent on a piece of plastic?

* I am appalled that Blogger is deterring non-Blogger members from commenting here. I haven't noticed that too many people have had a problem and most of my frequent readers are non-members of Blogger. My friend, Mother Pie, let me know that she ran into difficulties and I appreciate it greatly. Please, please, please, if you're having problems commenting here, use the email address in the sidebar and tell me!!! I love comments and hate the very thought that I'm missing out on some of them. I think we Blogger clients have to figure out how to register a complaint with them and bombard them. I'll be damned if I know how to do that. If anyone knows the answer to that, please let me know. My fellow Buckeye and great friend, Joared over at Along the Way came up with a solution: She's asking her readers to email their comments to her and she will publish them herself. I am willing to do the same. It's inconvenient for all concerned but we have to circumvent the you-know-whats (insert your favorite Anglo-Saxon barbarism) any way we can. I don't want to have to change sites for my blog. It sounds like another exercise in frustration -- just like Blogger's so-called 'Help' which I call 'useless' and had been my biggest complaint since starting my blog two years ago. It's been suggested that we all install Haloscan (which, I'm told, is not without its own set of problems) for comments and I think I may look into that. If any of y'all use it and want to give input, I'd love to hear from you.

* I just received a call from a telemarketer asking me to please hold for an opportunity to lower the rate on my credit card. Guess what? I don't have a credit card. Guess what else? I'm on the National Do Not Call List. I stayed on the line and when the humanoid answered, I asked him what company he represented. He hung up -- a blatant violation of the law. I wish I could find out who these people are and sue them. I could use a few bucks.

That's enough of The Cranky Old Broad for today!!!! Thanks for letting me vent!!!!! I, like all the others who have been fans and friends of Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By, are still reeling from the shock of it's end. I will be writing about it soon. What I feel about that is mixed and much more than a random thought.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Now that is one luverly rant.......lol

  2. I agree with all of it, Kay, especially the last call you got. I wish I knew how to report them.

  3. Toom: you sweetie!!!! lol

    Judy: Thanks!!!! Always good to know I'm not alone!!! Under the law they're supposed to identify themselves and their company.

  4. I complained to Blogger using this contact link:


    - Choose "Suggest a feature", and hit Submit button. It takes you to new page;
    - At the bottom of the second page, there's a space for you to "suggest a new feature".

    It isn't a new feature, but I said something like:

    "Please return the link-back feature for non-Bloggers in Comments"

    Hopefully, if enough of us complain, they might listen?

    Ha! Nickname, indeed!

  5. Thank you, Ell!!! I will put it to good use and also share it here as well as sending it on to friends who use Blogger!!!

  6. I'll miss Time Goes By, too. It was a very interesting, informative blog.

    Re: Do Not Call list. I think time ran out on it a few weeks go. I think you have to sign up all over again if you want to stay on it. I'm getting calls, too.

  7. Well, you've got quite a list of rants and hope you feel better now. Too bad you couldn't get that company name. You pretty much have to catch what they say when they first call. They often seem to mumble, so I say, "What did you say?" or "I can't understand you." Last time that happened I said, "Did you know I'm on the national Do Not Call list?" She quickly said, "Sorry, I'll take your name off our list." and hung up. Wonder how many people actually sue?

    Thanks to Ell and you for providing that address so I can express my view to Google/Blogger.

    Ah, Ohio snow........is it the fluffy type or moist and good for snowballs???

    As for TGB, I don't even want to think about it. I just wish her well, whatever she does.

  8. Like all of Ronni's readers, I am still upset about the sudden announcement.

    I will check back with you once I get settled in Florida. I'll be interested to read what you have to say about all of this.

    Ronni was so great to me in so many ways, I'll miss her blog very much.

    Hopefully she will still do something that we can benefit from and do something good for herself.

    And, you take care, sorry to hear about all the things that are going wrong for you. Hope better days are coming. ;-).


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