Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wow! What a Pal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those of you who hang out here at the Thinking Cap regularly are familiar with my buddy Dr. Stu Savory who not only contributes to The Friday Groaner but tosses off punny responses to the Groaner of the Week that often leave me groaning harder than the posted groaner! (Since he's an expatriate Scot living in Germany, I'm guessing he sounds a bit like Sean Connery which would lend a certain cachet, dontcha know?)

At any rate, today he featured my blog at his blog and encouraged his readers not only to come by and visit but gave instructions as to how to make up their own groaners to submit to the Friday Groaner! It's a really fun and generous post so stop by there and give it a look! While you're there, wander around their homepage -- it's in both German and English and showcases the wide variety of interests the Doc and Kornelia share! And oh yeah, the pics of the bulldogs are adorable!

My heartfelt thanks to Stu for the shout out -- I sincerely appreciate you support and friendship!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


P.S. No, the new 'puter isn't up and running yet but I'm inching closer! Yikes!!!!!!

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