Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick Note

I'm borrowing a line once used by Jory des Jardins of Pause and co-founder of BlogHer. Jory is also the daughter of my dear friend, Joy des Jardins aka Joy of Six and a very bright, gracious and interesting young lady.

A while back Jory began a post on her blog with: I have been a bad little blogger. I identify with that and go a step further: The Kay has been a horrible little blogger -- if, at 5'10", it's possible to be a "little" anything! I'm not going to bore you with excuses. I'm just going to say that I've been overloaded with a longggggggggggg list of "gottados" -- emphasis on the "gotta" part. When it's over my life will be a bit calmer and a LOT more organized. In the meantime, I'm neglecting y'all and feeling guilty as all hell. Hopefully, I can get back to reading 75-100 blogs a day, posting here daily, and answering emails in a timely and proper manner soon. It's making me crankier than usual. Sigh.

Please forgive me!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Blogging should be a guilt free activity. We'll all be here whenever you come back.

  2. Sweetie....I will tell you what I tell Jory all the time....please NO GULIT. There's this thing called LIFE that annoyingly interferes with our 'best laid plans.' And...that's a GOOD thing...'to have a life.' Truth be told...there are times when I think I need to get MORE of 'a life.' Don't knock it while you still have it. I second what Marty said...."Blogging should be a guilt-free activity." The problem is....many of us make IT our lives. Jory's life is so incredibly busy right now that she's always lamenting that she can't write like she'd like...or read other blogs and comment like she'd like. Outside of the 'inner turmoil' she...and you...may feel because you really love should not come along with guilt. Who of us doesn't understand exactly what you're talking about? Besides, we all have to be "bad little bloggers" from time to time. ((((((((Lots of guilt-free hugs))))))))))))) ~Joy

  3. Mary Ann9:05 AM

    I think it's encouraging that you can even visualize "when it's over..." On my list, it seems like every item I cross off spawns two more.


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