Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's All Part of the Adventure I Call Life!

It's another day in Paradise. I am having computer problems. More specifically, I am having monitor problems. After several days of my monitor going to sleep and not wanting to wake up without much prodding and a lot of swearing (yes, I do forget I'm a lady sometimes), it gave up the ghost and died. I wracked my poor brain to think of appropriate CPR for it but no ideas came.

Fortunately, my old, slow computer in my little den has a monitor that works just fine so I unhooked the corpse and transferred the old smaller monitor to my newer computer. Unfortunately. my newer computer doesn't like this monitor -- the color and resolution leave a great deal to be desired not to mention that everything is smaller and more difficult to read. As a result, I am suffering from withdrawal at not being able to visit y'all comfortably. I am also am having trouble reading email AND I have several projects I'm trying to get done that can't wait. Sigh.

I checked the exchequer and found that I have been a very frugal old gal -- funny how one gets that way in one's old age -- so I went a-hunting for something I've been wanting for a while. Understand that I'm not a person who thinks she has to have the latest and greatest in technology but after using a flat panel LCD monitor at work, I thought it would be very nice to have one at home. As is my custom, I set a price range for said item and went looking for a monitor. I really didn't want to spend a week with the mess I have here so I checked the websites for retailers to see what they were touting and if the rumor that what I wanted could be found cheap. Cheap is good -- I can almost afford it. As near as I can tell, said monitors are a bit out of my reach. I also came up with some new reasons for why I avoid Wal-Mart.

I finally called my buddy George who owns a computer shop downtown. He gave me a quote on a used monitor -- not what I wanted but better than what I'm looking at as I type for a great price. He also offered to cut me a deal on more memory that I've been needing/wanting. I would have run over there this afternoon but I was needed at the office and couldn't leave a bit early as I'd hoped to be there before he closed. However, Monday is a day off and I will be there at opening and hopefully, all will be well in Kay's World . . . at least computer-wise. ;) See y'all then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Good luck with the newer monitor . This past spring we switched our two old crt monitors for new lcd ones . No regrets. For sure more memory is a good thing as I remember.

  2. Keep in mind that computers were invented by men. If a woman had had the idea first, computers and monitors would come in pastels, be washable, and available (with a discount coupon) in the grocery aisle!


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