Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ohhhhhh no! Not another meme!

My new buddy Hillbilly Willy tagged me with a meme from his blog, Life in America, about a week or so ago and I've been so busy writing about the Jessie Davis news here that I haven't had time to respond. Today I'm taking a cue from the media and letting that story percolate and so I'm going a bit light-hearted and am accepting Willy's tag. Like him. I'm a slow runner and always got tagged as a kid! I'm to tell you 7 Random Things about Me so I will but it's gonna be hard cause I don't hide too much here.

7 Random Things about Me.

1. I started college in 1965 and graduated in 1987. I'm not a slow learner -- I just went on Spring Break one year and didn't go back for 18 years!

2. I'm not allowed to date anyone younger than my brother. He's 15 years younger than me and made that rule a few years ago when I was annoyed that a 35-year-old was chasing this cranky old broad. LMAO!

3. I have been hanging out online since about 1988 before the first version of Windows even came out. We used DOS commands and mailing lists and newsgroups to communicate. It was slow but soooooo much fun!

4. I am an inveterate bargain hunter. I buy incredible stuff at incredible prices. My motto is: Never pay retail.

5. I own over a dozen Little Black Dresses. Audrey Hepburn is my fashion role model. Need I say more?

6. I'm a prize-winning cook. I won a cooking contest years ago with my City Chicken in Sherry-Mushroom Sauce recipe but these days my favorite thing to make for dinner is: Reservations!

7. I am addicted to the TV series "Law and Order" -- especially the ones with Jerry Orbach -- I like his style.

Whew! That was hard! Now it's my turn to tag and I'm gonna do my usual thing and challenge any of you, with time and inclination, to pick up the gauntlet I've thrown down and report back! ;)

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Would you veliee that I have never seen any Law and Order? I was too afraid of getting hooked on it.

    I love little black dresses too, only lately, they aren't so little.

  2. I was impressed by the cooking prizes and the little black dresses.

  3. I'm impressed and particularly by you being online since 1988.

  4. Was trying to impress anyone -- it's just me! I've been online so long because the ex was a tech for a major corporation and he got me addic . . . errrrrrrr . . . interested -- yeah that's it -- interested.


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