Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who Do You Look Like????

I came across a really fun website that's based on facial recognition software called Stars in You. Ever wonder if you look like a movie star? Here's your chance to find out! You just go to the website, upload a face shot of yourself and select female, male or both and voila! they show you your matches as well as the percentage of resemblance and they even put together a gif of you and your matches! I wanted to post mine here but my computer wouldn't cooperate. I did notice, however, that using different pictures results in different matches. I laughed a lot at the results! Hope you have fun, too!

With my profile picture I got the following results:

77% Julia Louis Dreyfus
76% Patrick Dempsey
74% Donna Summer
73% Corey Feldman
71% Debby Harry
71% Ken Stott
69% Holly Valance
67% Travis Tritt
66% Maria Gracia Cucinotta

With this photo the results were different even though the photos were taken within mere weeks of wach other. Kudos and hugs to The Man for being such a great photographer! The results are:

77% Gene Kelly
76% Elle Macpherson
75% Adam Brody
74% Barbra Bush
71% Alexa Havers
71% Kevin Spacey
69% Kristin Kreuk
69% Clive Owen
67% Michelle Rodriguez
67% John Ritter

Please note that I didn't include results of less than 65% because it started getting pretty bizarre. I sincerely doubt that anyone would ever think I look like Mick Fleetwood but there he was at 64%! LOL I would rather look most like Elle (should I change my hair color?) than Gene (I'd love to dance like him) although Julia isn't bad. I don't think I look much like Donna Summer but I'd love to sing like her. I don't know who some of these people are which tells me how out of it I am in regard to the entertainment scene.

Okay Y'all -- your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to go see who you look like and post it on your blog (the timid can just report back via email) so we can really have a good laugh together! Consider yourselves tagged!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You are so cute in these photos, Julia is probably hoping she looks like you!

  2. Awwwwwwwwww shucks Marty!!!! The Man is a great photographer! And I'm too tall to be cute. I haven't been cute since I was four! lol

  3. Gene Kelly!? Nah.

  4. The photo I uploaded showed me squinting a little, so my results showed 3-4 Asian actresses....LOL

  5. This looks like fun.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my blog.

  6. I did it too but for the first one didn't get a name I knew. She was an Indian actress and as you said, each photo varied for who you get. It is fun. They have one like it on http://www.myheritage.com/ but it takes a little more to get the match. The one advantage is it gives you a URL so you can embed your results in your blog


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