Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Just Some Photos for Fun!

The Cranky Old Broad has been too much with us of late and I think I should give her a rest for the holidays. Welllllllllllllllllll . . . maybe. I did, however, I promise the latest from the Man in Motown's obsession for taking pictures of me sooooo here they are. We were blessed with wonderful weather during the Thanksgiving weekend -- it hit the 60s and sunny which is really weird for Ohio in November! The parks near my place are a wonderful venue for such activity -- especially since Stadium Park is decorated for the holidays! We always have fun on these jaunts and at times I get a bit silly so bear with us, my friends. Monument Park's centerpiece is the tomb of martyred President William McKinley seen as a backdrop for moi below -- our proudest claim to fame unless you happen to be a pro football fan. He and his wife, Ida Saxton McKinley, and their infant daughters are entombed there. In my youth, I ran up those steps and I used to know how many of them there are but now I only know that there are far too many. LOL!!!!!

Stadium Park has a really nice Children's Garden and here I'm greeting one of my best friends there. I decided that kissing turtles was more fun than kissing frogs!

I mentioned that the park is decorated for Christmas so we had to go back and check out the night life! Of course, I stopped by to say hello to the elves at the Toy Shop.

Sooooooooooooo there you are, my gentle bloggers! Another adventure in Kay's World -- and not one cranky thought!!!!!!

See y'all soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I think I read that there's a museum of America's First Ladies in Canton, too. Is that true?

  2. Just a Happy Holiday wish to you and yours!

  3. What look great Kay!. Happy Holiday to you dear friend...may you have love and laughter throughout.

  4. Thanks, y'all!!!!! I love yas, I do! Happy Happy to all of you!!!

    And yes, AQ, the National First Ladies Library ( here. It was founded by Mary Regula, the wife of our perennial Congress Critter, Ralph Regula (R-Ohio). It's really a quite interesting place as it's located in the Saxton House -- the home of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinely whose father founded The Canton Repository -- our local newspaper. The Saxton House is located across the street from The Repository and was the site of President McKinley's famous Front Porch campaign. Pretty convenient, huh?


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