Monday, September 25, 2006

Kay's World: Cranky Thoughts

I've had some mental hotfoots lately. You know -- the sort of things that, like in cartoons, set off a light bulb over your head. And I'm gonna vent a bit. Mostly, I'm a nice girl & I try not to holler or whine but lately the world confuses me and it's making me cranky.

* Yesterday, I heard from someone who asked me to do something for an organization I'm involved with here in town. It was something I tend to be rather good at so I said yes. Now they're telling me how to do it & implying that they know better how it's to be done. I have this nasty inclination to tell them that if they're so damned good at this & I'm not good enough that they should do it themselves. If they don't trust my abilities, why did they ask me to do it?

* How can one be over-qualified and not have enough experience when applying for a job?

* Why is it if one says he/she is unable to attend a meeting/event, people want to know why and get offended when you won't tell them? Some things don't need to be shared.

* If you're single/divorced/widowed, why do people keep asking why you aren't married or if you'd like to marry? Those are the same folks who, if you start dating someone, want to know when you're getting married.

* Doesn't anyone wear a watch anymore? Call me crazy but punctuality seems to have become a lost art.

* Baby showers for 15-year-old unwed mothers-to-be. So call me old-fashioned.

* Changing the name of the Department of Human Services (aka Welfare) here in Ohio to the Office of Familiy Stability. Duh? Stable families don't need assistance. (and therein lies another blog after which my soapbox will be in the shop for major repairs!)

* When waiting at the bus stop, people who come up to you and ask, "Hasn't the bus come yet?" Hey sunshine, if it had, would I be still be standing here?

* People who call our office and ask, "Is this the ____________?" What did I say when I answered the phone?

On that note, I think I've vented enough. Thanks for listening! I feel muich better! Now I can go forth and face the world! And, as always . . .

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Feel better don't you. I always say if you want it off your chest write it down. Works doesn't it? It also works even better to blog about it.

  2. Hurray. Hear! Hear! Couldn't have said it all better myself.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Ronni & Janet! Seems like I'm ranting a lot of late but sometimes a girl has just GOTTA let it all out! Love you both!

  4. Possibly it's the effort to avoid whining and hollering that's making you cranky. Heaven knows, there's plenty of confusing stuff in the world to whine and holler about. I think we could divide the world into cranky people and happy people who are making other people cranky. Oh wait. There's a big group of happy people making other people happy. And maybe some cranky people making other people cranky. Nah. I take it all back. Both crankiness and happiness pretty much come from within.

  5. I don't think the world is divided that way, Mary Ann! No one is happy all the time or cranky all the time. Mostly, I am pretty easy to get along with -- mama raised me to be a nice girl -- but once in a while I think we all need to vent at the insanity of the world and where better than one's blog? lol

  6. Hey, Buckeye, I heah ya and agree with ya. Humm -- are you being cranky or logical?

  7. Sometimes I wonder if there's a difference between the two, Suzz! lol


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