Sunday, February 19, 2006

Kay's World: Rambling through the Blogosphere Yet Again

I'm having so much fun reading others' blogs that I'm short on time to keep mine going. I've added three new links to some truly great blogs today. Oh well. I'm learning a lot and any day I learn something new, it's a good day!

Stop by & welcome
Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal to the Land of Blog. Lucy is 83 years young and says "There's a dance or two in the old dame yet!" as she reminisces about her life & shares her enthusiasm as a rookie blogger. She is a delight!

Winston at
Nobody asked me . . . BUT . . . I'm Gonna Say It Anyway provides miles of smiles on a daily basis. It's fast becoming my daily day-brightener; his commentary is witty and where he finds his material I can only guess! It's a treat to go there and see what he's been up to of late.

The Doc Searls Weblog not only shares his thoughts & experiences but he offers links to and commentary from other blogs as well as links to happenings in the computer world. It's an education -- e.g. I had no idea there was a Computer History Museum or such a thing as an Alpha Blogger.

All are really great paces to visit & I hope I find more but I think I'd best get some work done here so visitors have something to read from my poor, demented brain.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


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