Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kay's World: Rambling through the Blogosphere

This has been an interesting week for me -- blog-wise that is. Editing & republishing my blog was not so unusual. I am a compulsive nit-picker when it comes to my writing. The words "I'm done." & "This is as good as I can make it." seem to be missing from my vocabulary. (huge sigh) My blog is full of drafts that I can't bring myself to finish & publish just as The Great American Novel, as I laughingly refer to it, languishes on my hard drive. I suppose that will preclude my becoming a fixture on the New York Times Best Seller's List if I don't get off my asker.

A nice thing that happened was that I received a lovely note from Ronni Bennett at
Time Goes By informing me that she is adding me to the ranks of Elderbloggers. I was flattered, honored and delighted as she wrote, "It's not just anybody, you know. I have my standards and you do meet them already." I love her blog and envy her ability to turn out such great posts on a daily basis. She is an inspiration to all of us here in my not so humble opinion and her posts are a welcome interlude each day to those of us of a certain age.

I've been exploring the blogosphere to see what others are doing here in hopes that it will impel me to more productivity and I am ever so pleasantly delighted to be in such great company. The creativity that abounds here is phenomenal.

AlwaysQuestion, a long time chat friend who encouraged me to begin blogging, writes inciteful commentary on the state of politics in the U.S. -- that I mostly agree with him is purely incidental to my admiration of his writing here. The Limerick Savant, my neighbor to the north in Cleveland, always brings a smile with his witty, well-versed rhymes (pun intended) on news items. Baghdad Burning is paints heart-breaking, graphic pictures from the other side of the world of a country in turmoil and gives me at another perspective of the mess in Iraq. Andrea, who is "colouring outside the lines", provides interesting art with witty anecdotes & comments. Dave Pollard at How to Change the World appeals to my need to find out who I am & coming to terms with the mentality, or lack thereof, in my country. And what I think is going to be a particular favorite to visit is Andy Borrows' lovely blog: older, but not wiser. His camera captures glorious pictures and his miscellaneous musings on life, the universe & everything touch my heart & my mindset. It put me in a very nice introspective mode which will probably bear fruit and appear here soon -- if I get beyond "draft" status. Should I ever venture to the U.K., I think I'd have to meet him down the pub and buy him a pint.

Needless to say, this exploration has definitely cut in on my addressing those unfinished drafts but I feel it was worth it. I learned a lot about a lot of things and an integral part of my personal philosophy is that any I day I learn something new is a good day and the wealth of things I learned in my ramble provided some sunshine in my lackluster week. Thanks to all of the above-mentioned people for their insights, wisdom and -- dare I say it?-- entertainment. As a matter of fact, I will be updating this thread from time to time as I really love seeing how others are approaching the blogosphere & enjoy sharing my discoveries.

Happy blogging!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. Just as proof of my proclivities described above, I'm confessing that when I finished this I hit "Save as Draft" instead of "Publish Post." Another bad habit in my repertoire! LOL


  1. Kay, thanks for the mention and link.
    Blogging's better than seeing a shrink.
    Congrats on the move;
    I highly approve.
    Keep the cap on and write what you think.

  2. Thank you, Kay, for your kind comments, both here and on my blog - it was of course those that led me here. This blogosphere brings about some marvellous connections, doesn't it?

    Incidentally, I wholeheartedly endorse the limerick savant's closing line - definately blog what you think, as and when you think it. I often have to remind myself that blogging isn't Literature; it isn't even Essays, or rather it doesn't have to be either - it can be whatever and whenever and wherever and for whoever you like. So "finished" doesn't *have* to be in the blogger's vocabulary!

    Come to think of it, I agree with the one about the shrink too...

    And I'll glady join you for that pint!

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