Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Here I Go Again . . .

I just finished watching the demonstration/delivery of the signatures of over two million signatures of elder Americans who are against the chained CPI which our president (who promised no cuts) supported.  My hero Bernie Sanders and others sent a resounding message to Obama.  If you saw it, great; if not, here's the video . . .

My name was on at least a half dozen -- probably more -- of those petitions as I subscribe to  the newsletters of most of the organizations that support us elders and they all had petitions.  I don't  know y'all but I can't afford to lose a single penny of my Social Security.

I urge y'all to contact your representatives and tell them that if they want your vote, they have to support Social Security.

Thank you!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. What Social Security? As a widow, I was unable to collect my husband's Social Security because of the Windfall Elimination Policy that came about at the time of Reagan. U get by on my teacher pension. Of course, Congress exempted itself from this bill when it was passed.

    This doesn't mean I don't support Social Security and all who need it. I am just angry that my husband worked hard and died early thinking I would receive his SS.

    Let us hope our petitions are effective.

  2. It does seem like it doesn't matter who we vote for-- they all screw us! I don't regret my vote for Obama given the alternative but honestly can't we finally get somebody out there on our side?


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