Sunday, January 13, 2013

Need a good laugh?

Thanks to all y'all who came by yesterday.  Your support  and kindness really helped me  feel better!

Here's the best political joke  I've heard in ages.  It's what my daddy would have called "more truth than poetry".
Question: What is the difference these days between a village idiot and a member of Congress?

Answer: One is an abysmally stupid cretin and the other has never been elected to high public office. 

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Oh my, Kay, I didn't realize you were such a cynic! (I thought that was left to people like me.)

  2. You have to be a cynic to be a liberal to maintain the proper level of disbelief when the GOP pulls yet another bone-headed move. The Obama campaign has added to my cynicism as well. As Jack Cafferty always says, "It's getting ugly out there, folks!!!! Sigh.

  3. Hi, Kay. Cynical/Skeptical me is right there with you. On all points.

  4. Omigod you're back for sure.


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