Friday, January 20, 2012

Just a Quick Update and a Couple Funnies!!!

I've been a very busy old girl! Visits to the Shrink (yes, what Hemingway called the Black Dog has been camped here for a while) and Dr. Maria were in order as well as my annual inspection by the good folks who help pay my rent which is always my excuse to do all the stuff I have been ignoring/neglecting. My place looks pretty dang good but I still have a few things that I need to do -- the new curtains in my kitchen, den and bathroom really brightened things up (blessings to Bryce for his invaluable help). That said, I'm taking today to do my best to get around and visit y'all. Thanks to Friko for a mental hotfoot. Keeping up with all y'all is, at times difficult as the 'follow' list keeps growing, as has my channel's subscription list on YouTube, and as has the list of newsletters that I read as well. (I don't vlog -- just follow some channels I like a lot.)

That said, I'll be around to visit as many of y'all as I can -- barring the ever-ubiquitous interruptions!!!

Here are a couple short videos that made me smile. I hope y'all do, too!

And he sings a la Al Green . . .

Romney is still not releasing his tax returns.

My hero, Robert Reich supports Amend2012 -- a referendum to repeal Citizens United -- and y'all can sign the petition here.

See y'all soon!!!!!!!!!! Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. We could all use a "shrink" these days! Things are crazy out there, so why not have all the help you can's just smart! I understand the problem trying to keep up with everybody, too; try is all we can do. I could use your help getting my place fixed up a little. Too bad you're not my neighbor so you could run over a few minutes!

  2. I hope you can chase away the Black Dog quickly. It's a regular visitor here too.

    Take care Kay!

  3. This was so much fun, Kay! Thanks a bunch for sharing this with us.

  4. Thanks for the videos; I was just gonna watch Chris Matthews through the second time tonight, so this was a nice break.

    I understand the Black Dog. He tends to show up in winter. Hugs to you, lovey. New curtains do help.

  5. Whatever was Romney thinking--that he really would get out of talking about his not paying taxes like us regular folk?
    I like that -- the Black Dog. I relate.

  6. I love the stuff you put together Kay!!

  7. Glad you are hanging in there, Kay, in spite of the Black Dog, which I know all about all too well. I'm just so damned lucky that antidepressants work for me.

    Stay busy! Keeps you from thinking too much.

  8. Thanks for another chance to sign a petition about our slipping-away rights. We need a song about how our days are filled with this kind of would know the singer to write it. Andy Newman, maybe?

    Feel lighter soon.

  9. Robert Reich is my hero, too. I had already signed the petition and wish I could cheat and sign a dozen times more.

    Kermit was funny. What is Mittens thinking?

  10. I was here and read every word.

  11. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Kay--Tell the Black Dog that you (Kay) are valuable to many of us. That should help fend it off!
    Hugs across the miles--
    Cop Car

  12. ALL wonderful Video's Kay...
    I love Obama singing----He Sounds Great!!!
    Hope you are having a lovsly weekend, my dear....!


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