Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post-Holiday Thoughts -- Crabby and Otherwise

I'm behind on blogging. I just haven't had the energy to do that. I do try to keep up with y'all and comment but I'm in my usual post-holiday crabbiness so please forgive me.

* Christmas was less than stellar -- I'm just not comfortable with others' family. If it had been Michelle, her mom, and the kids, it would have been okay. I'm more and more of the mind that I just going to spend Christmas by myself. My son actually returned my call but, as usual, I didn't get to talk to the boys. And there wasn't so much as a thank you for the gifts I sent. That annoys me because I sacrifice to send them and I know my son knows that and he was taught better manners than that. I mentioned that his dad and I talk and he didn't like that much to which I say, "Grow up!!!!! In fact, his dad stopped by the day after Christmas to update a program for me and took me to lunch and said, "Like it's really any of his business what we do or don't do." I'm not a hater and refuse to stay mad at anyone forever -- hate eats one's soul.

* Have the Iowa Causes been going on forever? Will they ever end? It's not even 2012 yet and I'm tired of Election 2012? I can only imagine how I'll feel next year at this time. It's gonna be ugly no matter who the GOP nominates to run against Obama. Sigh.

* We still haven't had any appreciable snow here in Ohio. There was a bit yesterday but as near as I can tell, we haven't had an inch. Maybe -- just maybe -- I'm starting to believe in global warming. Ask me in a month when I'm buried under six inches of 'partly cloudy'!!! (Huge grin)

* I'm not going to make any New Year's resolutions -- as usual. At this point, my bad habits are pretty much ingrained and something I learned about myself is that I tend to drop them when I'm ready not because someone else (e.g., a doctor) mandates it. I notice that one may be going by the wayside yesterday but we shall see what happens.

* I think I've mentioned that my dad loved to sing and I swear he knew the lyrics to every single song of the Big Band era. Here's one of his favorites sung by one of my favorites . . . Diana Krall does it so well!!! Enjoy!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Soon it'll be a new year and that always makes me feel good. Like a new start, which is silly as calendars are just devices but it still seems good

  2. my son can easily hurt me too Kay
    and to think I used to feel it would be easier with adult children
    I'm learning to detach
    and to know it's about them, not me

    hang on/in lady


  3. I so agree with you, Kay, that "hate eats one's soul"! I was in an abusive relationship once. When I left it, I resolved that, not hate, but "living well is the best revenge". I've never had occasion to regret that decision.

  4. Hi, Kay. I'm just dropping by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful New year!

    I totally understand about the post-holiday crabbiness...sometimes it's worse than others with me. Hope you feel better soon.

  5. I'm with Rain on this, I like the beginning of a new year, too. I don't make any resolutions but I do see it as a new start.

    Thanks for the video. One of my favorite song. :)

  6. Rain: Some years that works better than others. This year it's tough.

    Dianne: I so understand!!! Hugs back at ya!

    Paul: Sometimes I wonder if there's any other kind. Both my parents were abusers each in their own way so I, for a long time, allowed myself to be a victim but, hopefully, I've passed that.

    DG: Thank you!!! Always glad to see you!

    Colleen: I tend to agree, too!! Glad you like the song!!!

  7. It's been a difficult year for me also, very difficult and in return I am expecting a very good year. Seriously.
    All of us get bored with blogging and for me I always remain curious but just can't summon up the energy to make a comment at times. Nothing to do with the blog. Just me being whatever. So, please feel okay.
    I relate to everything you said about Christmas. A shrink could probably have a field day with us Kay. Okay not you, but me anyway.
    I just started coming to believe in global warming also. Have faith. It will take us there.
    As for Iowa? Really, who gives a blank.
    Politics were sold to the devil a long time ago and short of anarchy there is really not much we can do nowadays, and we all know anarchy is not happening.
    Was I uplifting or want?
    Regardless, I wish you a heartfelt new year with which to overcome the sad, the miserable, and un-understandable and one in which to bring on happiness, energy, good health, and most of all freedom.

  8. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Love the blog post-

    I am actually sick of the GOP candidates too, not that I care for Obama either. I am a teacher and I am adamantly against his education reform policies, RTTT. It will be a tough Presidential election- that is for sure..

    Sorry to hear about the non- thank you call...that is rough

    Also, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments on my blog. I actually fixed Sweet Girl's Reflections- it was for members/followers only. I fixed the settings a little to make it easier for people to leave comments.

  9. Tracey: I adjust and am getting used to things like that -- it just hit me harder than usual. I can't live my life for others.

  10. That was fun to listen to, Kay. I think it's great that you still get along with your ex. I agree that hate is really more detrimental and forgiveness is healthy.

    Ahhhh..... thank yous. I know where you're coming from, that's for sure.

  11. This has been an awful Christmas for me, too. There was a death in my extended family that affected my son deeply.
    If there were a God, I would ask him not to let people die on holidays. Since I no longer believe in His existence, I simply stumble through and hope to come out only slightly more damaged.

    I have for the most part struggled with depression and won. This time I am sinking deeper and realize it will sill take time. I looked at my blog and realized I haven't posted since November.

  12. Kay, I spend Christmas alone by choice and while the first few were a little tough to get through, I've grown to prefer it. It's always a melancholy season for me and it's a relief not to have to pretend.

    Our kids don't realize how much a simple gesture like "thank you" can mean to us. All we can do when they're growing up is to try to teach and guide them. After that they're out of our hands and become a product of environmental influences.

    Let's all look forward to 2012 and hopefully a better time.

  13. Kay: Carl Sandburg said "The past is a bucket of ashes." and I agree. You can't change it and dwelling on it. My mother taught me that with the bitterness she still harbors toward my dad even though it's been about 50 years since their divorce and and 20 years since he died. I don't have the time and energy for that and I certainly don't have time for her. I feel sorry for her but I can't tolerate her toxic influence.

    It took a while for the ex and I to get where we are and I'm okay with it.

    Linda: Sorry I'm late in this -- I'm pretty disorganized. I'm sorry that you're going through a bad patch. Life can be far too lifelike at this time of year. If you need to vent, I'm good at listening so drop a line -- my email addy is in the sidebar.

    Maria: I'm so sorry you're going through this and had noticed that you haven't been posting and was getting worried. Know that we love you and want to help and feel free to reach out to us. God knows we've all had our heartaches and want to help you get through yours.

    Leslie: Thank you!!! I'm of the same mind and frankly, I've decided that I'm going to do the same. Looking back, I prefer being alone on such days. One thing about being single for a while is that one gets used to her own company -- and that's a good thing.

    I just hope that the 2012 election goes well. I'm gonna campaign for someone -- whether it's Obama or a local candidate so I'll be busy and, hopefully, have as much fun with it as I did in 2010.

  14. The problem with families is that one or two bad apples do spoil the whole barrel. We had that problem, and ever since the offender departed, we have lived in peace and harmony.

  15. Oh, Kay, how I agree with being tired of the political process that never seems to end. And I agree that living well is the best revenge and that hate eats at you. It took a long time for me to release the resentment I felt--I don't think it ever amounted to hate--I felt toward my now-deceased ex. Every now and then I catch myself feeling the ghost of that resentment and have to put it firmly aside. I always look forward and not just at the New Year. There is never a bad time to reassess what you do, why you do it, and whether it should be done at all and how, if it should, to do it better. Hope the future, not just the new year, is better for you.

  16. A Good and Happy New Year! May your heart mend and your spirit soar. All the best.

  17. You're right, hate does eat at your soul. "Let it go, let it roll right off your shoulder, don't you know, that the hardest part is over." That is part of a song that I sing to myself when hate tries to creep in.

    you take care :)

  18. Cheer up, gal. 2012 is going to be great.

  19. Never mind about Christmas now, it's over already. I got a message left on the phone saying thank you for a (very generous) money present, but no personal repeat of the call and nothing from the kids themselves.

    Who cares, I shall soon stop doing it anyway and buy myself some extra help round the house with the cash.

    Resolutions? No, thanks; mine wouldn't last for a day.

    Happy New Year, Kay, let's all stay here in blogland and be happy and miserable together!

  20. Hattie: I wish it was that simple.

    Mary: I couldn't agree with you more!
    I do try.

    Lia: How lovely!!!! Thanks!!!!

    LTTS: That's what I try to do but hope springs eternal . . .

    Dick: From your keyboard to God's monitor!!! :)

    Friko: I'm seriously considering what you've are. Ungrateful brats should get sticks and coal.

  21. Dear Kay and Crabby....we love ya, and I just let anger go now. I don't send presents to those who don't interact with me any more either. :) I'm a mean gramma.

    Hugs to you.

  22. I shoulda stopped by here before my Diana Krall post -- we are clearly on the same Buckeye wave-length. I originally considered the greatest -- Ella Fitzgerald.

    As for the family business, likely it is about them, not you, as you note.

    2012 will be whatever it is, hopefully with more positives than negatives for you and all of us.

  23. Sounds like you got some insight into where you feel most comfortable for the holidays. Though I don't spend tons of times with my kids and grandkids, I'm grateful for the times we do. I'm so sorry that you and your sons are not closer. That has to be incredibly hard for you.

    Here's hoping they come around in 2012.


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