Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update: Assorted insanity and Deranged Computers

Another day in the paradise I call life. My computer has been misbehaving terribly and, thus far, I've been unable to purge the gremlins by the usual means. Sigh. Hopefully, tomorrow the troops (aka the ex)I've called in will be able to locate the little devils and destroy them. Needless to say that this hasn't helped my mental and physical health at all at all. In technical terms, I feel like you-know-what. I do thank y'all for coming by to visit and hopefully, I'll be getting caught up with all y'all soon.

So the best I can manage is a few random thoughts and, hopefully, interesting stuff in the midst of trying to get a few things done here, I'll get caught up with y'all soon.

* Here's a really awesome photo of those creative participants at Occupy San Francisco. (Are you there, Jan?)

* I am appalled at the Penn State debacle. Yeah, I'm a college football fan but as the mother of two college athletes (not football), I know a bit about the NCAA and the 'dynamics' of its rules and at this point I'm thinking of the 'scandal' last year at Ohio State when a couple players traded their championship rings for tattoos and culminated in their leaving and the coach being fired. The Penn State debacle is definitely worse and that anyone is defending anyone tells me that there is something very, very wrong. The fact is that it's Ohio State Michigan week and I'm not doing my usual silliness here. I might put up a "Good Luck" piece later but that will be it -- just my take but I think it be tacky. I still love my Buckeyes (and hope they win) but the past week reminded me what's really important.

* Dylan Ratigan, who I've been watching a lot lately, had this piece on a new initiative to get money out of business and you can see it here and and sign on and/or donate here,

* Kudos: In the light of all the recent attacks on the "Occupy" by police there are some cops who remember that they, too, are part of the 1%. When the protestors set up in Cleveland, the cops donated some tents to the Occupiers. If you have ever been in downtown Cleveland in November, you know the bitter, cold winds that Lake Erie brings.

* Here's Bill Maher with a short (1:01) video on the Republican debates. If you get the vapors over profanity -- don't watch it.

Well, I really have to muster some energy so it looks a human lives here. Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. If I get started on the Republicans and their don't tax the rich because of trickle down... I'll never stop. Arrrghhhh!

  2. Not talking tax or politics, but that doesn't shut anyone up. LOL Yes, what a disaster, a sad disaster. All those lives ruined.

  3. I'm really worried b/c our 20-something is threatening to get his own apt. and if he moves out ... then who's going to tame MY deranged computer? (I'm in the market for a laptop -- been eyeing the Mac Powerbook, but it seems so expensive.)

    I too am a Dylan Ratigan fan; not so much of a Bill Maher fan -- to me he takes lots of cheap, easy, obvious shots; sometimes he scores, but mostly they aren't all that funny.

  4. Thanks for him.

    Hope you find that energy Kay. I know mine has been missing in action lately too. I hope your computer woes are fixed very soon. That stuff always puts me in an anxious mood until everything is running smoothly again. Good luck sweetie... ~Joy

  5. After watching Bob Costa's interview with Sandusky I was struck by the aptness of Paul's letter to Timothy over two thousand years ago

  6. Thinking of you, Kay, as you continue to recuperate. Hope your ex got your computer going again. Time to get a Mac?

  7. glad to see you're still feisty.

  8. So many issues, so little time but the Occupies have focused bright lights on our enemies: the banks. Yes, there always will be rogue cops & policing calls for more sensitivity than most are trained to have. Good that some realize they are part of the 99% too.

  9. Kay: I hear ya!!!!

    Mage: No it doesn't but we have to keep fighting.

    Sightings: My ex is a techie and one reason I stay in touch is that he fixes my computer -- well, that and two kids and two grands. And cheap shots are a comic's bread and butter or so my son told me long ago when he was on the amateur circuit.

    Joy: I think my energy ran away from home. My computer is still nutty and I don't know how to get it fixed properly. Sigh.

    GFB: Good reference.

    Fran: Can't afford one.

    Lorna: I need feisty -- it's my best survival tool.

    Naomi: I agree!

  10. Hi Kay -- hang in there. Yes, in the "Tax the 1%" photo, I was located at in the second T where the cross bar hits the stem. :-)

  11. If we can find nothing else to laugh at, there's always Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Get better, dearie, you and your computer!

  12. Sorry about your computer. You deserve a break! (I hope Santa remembers you with a happy season.)


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