Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here's a Petition I Can Sign in Good Conscience

I'm still exhausted and trying to rest and get caught up.  I honestly think that I'm losing/have lost my mind with this stuff. I saw Dr. Maria yesterday and she just told me to rest. Whatever this stuff is, it's weird and I can't begin to explain it.

One of the blogs I subscribe to is is called Here's the chart that
was posted there this morning. I like this idea but I kinda don't think it would work but it would nice.

Sooooooooooo please sign the petition if y'all are so inclined. If nothing else it could send a loud message on what We the People want!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. I love the tagline - Stop Hoping. Start Changing

    I hope you feel better Kay

  2. I'm just so sorry you are having a few awful moments of wearing out. If there was anything I could do from here, I would. I'll keep the thoughts coming if you keep us posted. Many hugs.

  3. Well, you know how I adore Bernie Sanders and I signed the petition with great enthusiasm. Thank you for posting this. I will forward the petition page to my e-mail buddies.

  4. Dianne: You have lots of Hope -- and she's darling!!!

    Maggie: Thank you!! It's gonna be rough for all of us Elders if the GOP has it's way!

    Darlene: I knew I could count on you!!!!

  5. Kay -- Signed the petition -- maybe some politicians will wake up to some of Bernie Sanders remedies to our political mess. -- barbara

  6. Barbara: Thanks!!!!! Pass the link on to all and sundry!

  7. Signed and delivered.
    Get some rest Kay!

  8. Kay, you do need to rest and take care of yourself! A bladder infection is a funless thing.


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