Friday, February 04, 2011

More Fun for Kay

Yesterday was doctor day and time for my annual visit to the eye surgeon. I never mind that. Dr. Jamie, my handsome, young, Harvard man ophthalmologist is always a hoot and I've liked him immensely since we met almost five years ago after my regular eye doctor discovered a cataract in my left eye. Dr. Jamie discovered that I not only had a cataract in my left eye but a tiny one in my right eye as well. A few months later, he removed the the cataract in my left eye (and I wrote about it here and here) and I knew there had been some changes. He thought it funny when I told him that I had blogged about it and I explained that I'd done so to help other elders understand that it was as scary as it seemed. (He thought the term "elderblogger" pretty funny, too.)

I knew that I was going to get a new prescription when I went yesterday because I had noticed a significant change in my vision that be came really apparent as I went through the exams. What I didn't expect is that the little cataract in my right eye had finally grown up and was ready for surgery as it hadn't changed in previous exams. Soooooo after marathon exams and over two hours at his office (can you say I was crabby?) Dr. Jamie announced that I will be having cataract surgery next month and asked, with a grin, if I was going to blog about him again. I grinned and said "Probably."

Sooooo today I've been trying to make arrangements for it. I have to see Dr. Maria and have her pronounce me fit for surgery and my next challenge is to find someone who will drive me to and from the hospital. That it will be really early is always an issue.

The good news is that this time I'm not scared and I'm actually looking forward to it and I'll be thrilled when I get my new glasses and that I might only need then for reading.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Very interested to hear how your experience goes. My wife needs similar surgery.

  2. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Good luck, Kay! Could you ask your eye doctor whether it is true that sunshine can cause cataracts and, therefore, it is always necessary to wear dark glasses outdoors?

  3. I have a friend who just had both eyes done-- two weeks apart; and now has 20/20 and 20/25 vision without contacts or glasses thanks to her new lenses; but she does need reading glasses. She had no problems other than night driving at first with some halo effect. Good luck with yours. They told my husband, who also has one but not needing surgery yet, that his might've come from welding which he has done as part of farm work

  4. Good luck with your surgery Kay. I need to get in to get my eyes examined again...just another thing on my 'to do' list. Happy weekend sweetie... ~Joy

  5. Useful post, including pointing me toward the earlier ones you did on the subject. My wife faces the same experiences in the near future, and it's good to have your thoughts, plus those of commentators like Rain.

  6. Praying for completely new Vision- so you can continue to see the world in your awesome, unique view, and pass it along to us!!


  7. Dee had it done last summer and comments almost every day how great it is to be able to see. I can't tell if my vision clouds up because I never look away from the computer or if I ought to see the eye doctor. (It's cheaper to just assume it's the computer.)

  8. I had one removed a few years ago. I'm so happy they have the new lenses these days. I have a Crystal Lens and I love it!

    Good luck.

  9. I have had the surgery in both eyes about ten years apart. It helped get rid of the fog I had been looking through.

    The whole procedure was a piece of cake. Except for having to put drops in my eyes, the care after surgery was minimal.

  10. I keep procrastinating about getting mine done. Maybe this summer. You've gotten me motivated.

  11. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I had both eyes done, in my forties. They were surprised that I was so young. Most other patients were in their 70s. Cataract surgery was a piece of cake, and the results were spectacular. I have a little halo effect, as well, but have gotten used to it.
    If you need this surgery, there is NO reason to put it off.
    Good luck, Kay, and I can't wait to hear the story of you doctor.

  12. Hey Kay good luck with the surgery.Remember after the op not to lift anything heavier than a can of Bud.Will look forward to your blog about it. I just may blog about my eye surgery in March also.


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