Tuesday, January 18, 2011

River Stones 1/18/2011

Can one ever be truly caught up on household chores? I think they breed while I'm sleeping.



  1. I spent Saturday and Sunday getting ALMOST caught up on mine. Then on Monday, the drain-line to the entire house plugged up, and I spent the afternoon fixing it, so now I'm still not completely caught up. However, I'm such a cleanliness and orderliness fanatic that no one but myself would know it.

  2. I'm positive that my house is built on a giant dust bunny that sends out little soldiers every night
    and then there is Isadora!!
    I have never had a cat before that was capable of making such a mess
    her brother Siren looks at her with disgust ;)

  3. what are "household chores"?

  4. Caught up? How is that even possible when they must be done over and over. It would be comparable to saying that you are caught up on eating. I have never been and will never be caught up.


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