Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Random Post Election 2010 Thoughts

I still feel pretty lousy from whatever it is I have. However, I had to leave the house yesterday to vote and get some groceries and I stopped by the campaign headquarters of my congressman, John Boccieri, et al and I was promptly taken in hand by a lady I worked with who made sure I got a T-shirt and an invite to the Democratic Party's party (lol) last night since the kids I worked with weren't around, I promptly decided that I would attend.

I went and had a really nice time talking with some of the other elders who worked so hard for John. Yanni, my fav of John's interns, came over and I hugged the daylights out of him. It was fun seeing the kids. I feel bad for them but glad that they got the experience (and college credits) of working for him. It's gratifying to know that there young people out there who will be good leaders down the road. After I finished my second drink, I decided it was time to head home -- a mere ten blocks -- and catch the rest of results at home. It was a close race when I left but it got worse and John lost his seat to a tea-bagger darling, millionaire Jim Renacci, who owns nursing homes were elders died suspiciously and needlessly and was sued successfully, as well as assorted other nonsense -- not my kind of guy to put it mildly. John didn't promise us a rose garden and two years wasn't enough to change everything. I just hope I have enough strength to help if he runs again in 2012.

I am disheartened and disappointed with my fellow Americans. I fear for the future of my children and grandchildren. Hell!!! I'm afraid for myself and my fellow citizens here whose only 'sin' is being old or poor or both. John did a great job for us and I mourn his loss with him. This past weekend he shared the podium with Bill Clinton who was campaigning for Governor Ted Strickland and while there, John got word that his lovely wife had gone into labor for the fifth little Boccieri and he had to leave -- probably breaking records to get to Alliance. Here's video of him rushing off the podium. Nice that he has his priorities right.

* Some good news is that Toledo's Marcy Kaptur stomped her teabagger, Nazi re-enactor opponent who outspent her 4-1. Here she is after Iott conceded. I think she got it right and I'm wondering if I shouldn't think again about heading northwest. Her gracious speech on her victory is here.

* More good news is that Dennis "the Menace" Kucinich won so another progressive will be there for us. Can you tell that I favor candidates with a progressive agenda and blue collar roots? I like candidates who know how we ordinary mortals live and woe to the candidate who forgot where he/she started.

* Mr. ManTan (remember that stuff?), John Boehner, won. All I can say that's printable is a resounding "Yikes!" This scares me. I just wanna know how nutty they are down there. There's a reason I stay out of southern Ohio,

* We have a new governor, John Kasich -- a GOP hack. I thought Ted Strickland did a great job. I especially liked his respect and support for us elders. Sigh.

* Y'all would have been proud of me on Monday. For some reason, I was getting a dozen+ recorded calls a day from GOP candidates. Can you say "harassment"? I was not amused and called my local GOP headquarters and told them to stop. The lady who answered told me I was stuck on their list forevermore and hung up on me. Can y'all say I was livid? I knew you could. However, I did stop and think a minute and went to the 'Net for the RNC. I called their fund-raising line and hollered and the nice lady said that she would stop the calls immediately. And she did. Save this for future reference.

* One of the political blogs I read is The Rude Pundit -- it's not for the faint of heart or excrutiatingly proper and my mother (and yours prolly) would not approve. Here's the short version of what he posted last night: "we're f*cking f*cked". I can't help but agree and wish I had the cojones to say it out loud -- and I might! I am afraid for our country's future.

Well, I think I'm over the legal limit for ranting so I'm going to leave you with the song of the week:

And yeah, I am done with politics for a while!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Good post! I was disgusted today too. But even when our poiltics screw us there is one thing they can never take away. And that is the American Spirit.

    It is the blue collars of America that has made it the way it is and for 200 years they have gone on past the politics to make a life for themselves & their children.

    It will go on, it won't be easy but the American Spirit within the American people will prevail.

    take care :)

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Your post made me laugh! Yeah, tell me about those robo-calls. The best thing about the day after the election is that those calls have finally stopped!!!

  3. We're in for a bumpier ride. It's nothing we didn't know was coming, but it's still disheartening and scary. I would say we've survived all this before, but as the GOP becomes more and more thrall to the real crazies it's hard to feel absolutely certain we'll get through it all intact.

  4. I have been in this country for decades now and it is hard to see how conservative and ignorant the voters have become. It seems to me that priority number one for the frothy Tea Baggers is themselves and who cares about the poor, the un-insured. They don’t want to pay taxes but want police protection, better schools, etc. They listen to repeated lies and believe them. I read that the majority of Americans now feel that they are conservatives, and I believe that when I listen to their incoherent, intolerant and extreme talks. They are voting against their interests and don’t realize that they are buying the greedy corporations’ agenda. This is sad for such a great country.

  5. Hope you're feeling better. Glad you could enjoy the campaign party after all your hard work.

    Sorry your candidate didn't make it. Saw that news bit with Clinton when there was the rush off stage since wife birthing at hospital.

    There's always been something about Boehner that gives me a queasy feeling. I understand you about the views of many native Southern Ohioans as compared to Central and Northern parts of the State.

    Glad you could find some political contest results more promising. I've decided finding positives, however few, are what I have to look for to keep up my spirits. Expect when you're feeling better, you get rested and clear your thoughts you'll be rejuvenated. Maybe the next OSU game will juice you up.

  6. Hi Kay. Sorry your man didn't get returned.I know from experience how disappointing it is to see all your hard work and commitment come to naught.

    Thanks for your kind comments at my blog.

  7. I think we all need a break from politics about now, but we need to hurry back to fight another day. We simply can not give in to these horrid people.

    Cell phones are a great way to avoid those damn calls. I gave up my land line years ago just because of them.

  8. LTTS: I agree but my faith in that is wavering a lot!

    gigi: Why? It wasn't meant to be funny. Well, maybe a little but mostly I was deadly serious.

    justa: Agreed.

    Vagabonde: Nice to hear your perspective and I found it inreresting.

    Jo: Thanks!!! Boehner is the kibd of guy who sidles up to you in a bar to hit on you and by the time you get rid of him, you feel like you need a bath. And the Buckeyes have a 'bye' this week. Sigh.

    GFB: Thanks!!! And I enjoy your calm common sense -- it's a nice respite from all the political hysteria I've been reading.

    tnlib: Thanks for coming by!!!! I agree but today I'm drained and I'm still waiting for my blood pressure to drop.

  9. I have vowed to pay no attention to politics ever again.

  10. Judy: It's all like a bad accident where you can't look away.

  11. Thanks so much for this post, Kay. I was too upset to write anything about this election. The one bright spot was that Hawaii went almost all Democratic.

  12. Great idea to step aside from the muck & mire for a while. Signed petition to tell Pelosi to stay on at Daily Kos. One commenter took endless heat for denigrating her appearance...good to see all the folks who hoped they looked like that at 70.

    Thanks for link to Rude Pundit blog where on-target suggestions for Dems to do NOW with legislation. I'd only add the Dream Act. But then I like to dream.

  13. Kay: Maybe the distance from DC helps retain sanity.

    Naomi: lol I'm surprised that you liked the Rude Pundit -- he's pretty salty. I think it's called chutzpah.


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