Thursday, November 04, 2010

Post-Election Chill Out

Do any of y'all feel completely drained after the election? I do and I am already tired of all the post-Election analysis. The bottom line is we're stuck with the results and have to live with it for better or worse. It might require an unholy alliance or two but nobody's gonna see Congress all join hands and sing "Kumbaya" so we'll just have to wait and see.

This "whatever-the-hell-it-is-I've-got" is still very much with me. Sigh.

Yesterday was sorta fun -- Michelle asked if I'd watch Racy Gracie after school and, of course I said yes and had chocolate chunk cookies and milk waiting for her to her delight. She showed me her books and read to me and I was truly impressed because she reads extremely well for a second grader. We watched a Harry Potter movie until mommy came to get her. I enjoyed having her immensely and delight in that Michelle needs my help a few more times. I'm smiling.

When Brice came home, he asked if he could borrow my leaf rake and did my yard as well as theirs. Good stuff!!!! He's not a scholar but he's a hard worker and that will definitely take him a long way in this world. I made a crack about getting old and having to go to a nursing home some day and he said, "I'll visit you every week." I chuckled and he said, "I'm serious -- I've been to nursing homes and those old people get left alone too much -- I'll be there for you!" For fourteen, he's got a great heart.

My neighbor upstairs brought me a HUGE chunk of a really yummy chocolate cheese cake and we discussed getting rid of our neighbor and I told her that Michelle was with us. We're all tired of her and her kids' behavior and think she needs to be reported.

I'm planning to stay away from politics for a while. However, if the idiots do something truly dastardly, I may have to vent in defense of my blood pressure.

I just saw Bill Maher's New Rules from his Friday broadcast and I laughed myself silly. Hope y'all do, too.

Hope y'all are recovering from Election 2010!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I love Bill Maher. and I am with you on letting it all be for awhile. Life is too short to let them ruin it for us. There will be another election ;) but it's a long long long way off. I am just not going to watch the pundits on all of this. Ick!

  2. love the maher clip....sooooo funny. and soooo true. too bad the tea baggers can't figure it out.

  3. sorry you're not feeling well; it can't have been helped by the way the election went.

  4. Rain: I think Bill helps keep me sane in the mess our country is --
    I just hope that some sanity returns.

    M.E.: I can't figure any of it out so I'm taking a break for a while.

    Lorna: I've had this for a couple weeks now. I need to see the doctor again. And I don't think politics has made it worse.

  5. I can't bear to watch TV and see the Republicans gloating and saying they won't compromise... won't work together, but will stop the president from being re-elected. Such ugliness.

    I'd rather think about your lovely Brice. Knowing there are people like him gives me a warm, comforting feeling. Lucky you for knowing someone like him.

  6. I saw Bill Maher's Friday show---LOVE, LOVE, LOVE--New Rules, Always....And Yes! I am tired of all the Politics stuff and so glad I don't have to watch another Political Ad..Too Many, Too Often! UGH!
    Now let's see if the people who got into offoce really try to do something OR will it still be the same old, same old.
    But....I won't be watching any of the News Shows that have driven this all into the ground.
    I need a rest from Politics, too.

  7. Thanks for the funnies! Glad you had a nice day with nice people who did good and helpful things; sometimes, after wallowing in the political mud, I'm surprised when the whole world isn't Jim DeMint or Carl Paladino!

  8. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I haven't watched much of the post-election commentary--just enough to conclude that the message each side hears is the one they want to hear. I will also chill out and watch things unfold. I think the only winning strategy is to look at what they might to do us (no way they will do anything for us) and figure out how to mitigate it. Hope you feel better soon. I did this under Anonymous because the system wouldn't take my account and password. But you know me--


  9. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I love that 14 yr old friend of yours. How sweet and kind he is! Could I adopt him? Would he want to live in Hawaii?

  10. I'm going to go hide my head in the garage for a while. It's better than sand. Yes, what a great time spent with kids. Much better than politics any old time.

    Politics make everything worse. You are welcome. :)

  11. What he said about using the resources of this great country to investigate a blow job and how the Republicans are crazier than ever really scares me. What will they do to Obama? Also, Obama does not look well. Frightening. Also scary is how bad people look as terrible health habits and lack of good medical care take their toll on poor Americans.
    We're Wal-Mart nation. You can't have anything nice unless you have lots of money.
    And California pins its hopes on poor worn out Jerry Brown.
    I'm glad you have good and kind people around you, Kay.

  12. Thanks for sharing Bill Maher, he always nails the issue soundly and with great humor. Unfortunately the message that these Tea Party morons were being "used" never got to them.

    So now I guess we can all slow down to a crawl and drive by the huge wreck that is going to be the next two years.

  13. Kay: Brice and his mom and sister give lie to the single mother myth. Michelle always puts her
    kids first. He's not perfect but he has a good heart and according to his mom. adores me. I try to help them as much as they help me. It's how neighbors are supposed to be.

    Naomi C: I think Bill Maher is awesome, too. He cuts through the B.S. very well. And yeah, I want to not look but it's like a bad accident and I can't. Sigh.

    Nance: I agree implicitly. Believe it or not, I went with a guy for a couple years who was diehard GOP. I wonder how he justifies the insanity but I don't really need to hear it.

    Mary: You always make such good sense.

    Gigi: No. His mom and I need him.

    Maggie: I like the idea of hiding. I do it a lot.

    Hattie: I can't disagree with a single word you said. I haven't been in Wal-Mart in months and I rarely go there. I'll spend an extra buck rather than go there.

    Robert: It is, indeed, a train wreck.

  14. Agree with the feeling of wanting to recuperate from so much political for a bit. Since I don't have cable, I don't see Maher much. Enjoyed his humor much of the time but he could be a bit bitter at times, though there certainly were reasons to feel that way.

  15. I didn't get to the party in time to see the Bill Maher video. It is no longer available; darn it!

    You have some lovely neighbors. How nice for you.

  16. You made me laugh, and I really needed that today. Kay, I tell you, you ALWAYS make me laugh! What a gift you and your blog are!!! I send my best thoughts your way, hope you are feeling right as rain soon. Much love from this hear southern girl up north for you!
    [Couldn't agree with you more about the politics. Can't understand what the logic is. Weren't people ever educated? I am with you in praying for sanity.]

  17. Jo: I don't have cable either -- I watch him on YouTube. The Buckeyes are off today. Sigh.

    Darlene: Bill's videos are on YouTube.

    Wild: Awwwwwww you are too sweet!! I've always been the class clown. The teachers hated it!!!!

  18. I love Bill Maher too Kay. I'm totally burned out for all the election stuff. I don't even want to think about it anymore....I guess we'll just have to deal with what has happened. At least I won't get any more campaign calls and political junk mail for a while. Thank God. Happy Chilling Out sweetie...


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