Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update, the Local Crazy, and Some Ramblings

Sorry I haven't been here much. Distractions abound in Kay's World. In addition to battling bureaucracy and assorted other nonsense, I've been working on my nice young congressman's campaign. We've got a great, dedicated group -- both old and young -- who are nice and really fun. I seem to be becoming the chief mail person -- probably because I really don't mind doing it in fact I'm damned good at it after all the years working with non-profits and volunteering in the community. It beats calling people and asking for their vote in my not so humble opinion and our interns/college kids are really good at it and they don't need me despite one of the interns, who calls me a "raving liberal" and keeps threatening to put me on the phone. I don't rave -- I rant being the cranky old broad that I am. I do want the ringtone they on their phones have for my cell. It says, "This is Barack Obama. Pick up the phone." LOL I freaked the first time I heard it.

Here's a video of a local politician makes me wonder why I continue to live here.

On a happier note . . .

This afternoon I'll be glued to the television watching my Buckeyes take on the Hurricanes of the University of Miami. Goooooooooooooooo Bucs!!!!!!!! A win would be nice, guys!

And hopefully, I'll get around to see y'all between plays. I know I'm woefully behind on visiting y'all!!! Mea culpa!

And here's the song for the week!!!! It's an old favorite that pretty much describes my mindset this week. And ohhhhhh my God, he's a year younger than me and still looks about 16!!!!!! I'm jealous!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

After thought: I'm not worried about the game today. We haven't had a decent Hurricane in Ohio in a millennium or two!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. You rant, but never rave. I am SO relieved!

  2. Oh my gosh! I would love to have that ring tone, too. Hurrah for getting involved, Kay! I was so unhappy that my nephews here are so apathetic about the voting process. So cynical. Sheesh!

  3. Bless your heart, Kay, I don't have a political campaign in me this time around, but I'm happy that you do! Good luck!

  4. Mmmmmm, Jackson Browne, pre-scandals and loss of range.

  5. I watched that Phil Davidson video yesterday and read he did not get the nomination. Nice to know that some members of Republican Party are refusing to board the crazy bus.

  6. A quiet day, thanks. I'm still numb. But there's a movie for this evening after Chinese that should un-numb me. Hugs....and it is good to see you.

  7. Love Jackson Brown!! Hope things are straightening out in your world! Even roller coasters have upward swings!!

  8. Snow: LOL So am I!!!!!

    Kay: I'm going to see if I can wangle it and if I can figure out hot to send it, I'll pass it on to you! I have been volunteering for campaigns since LBJ in '64. I think it's important to participate in the process. With the Tea Party rampant here (as I hear it is there in Hawaii, too), I think it's important that we fight back.

    Hal: If you lived here, I think you would like John and would campaign for him. He is rated as a moderate -- your kind of guy -- and he's running against a guy who's been bankrupt 7 times and is still worth millions. I consider this campaign crucial.

    Lorna: Oh well. I still love the song.

    Colleen: Thank God! Actually, I didn't think he would but with the political climate as crazy as it is, ya nevah know!!! Actually the GOP chairman is a decent guy but a lot of sane people have been drinking the kool-aid this time around.

    Maggie: Hope you enjoy your evening!!!! I'm having saudage sammiches.

  9. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Hahha that's a funny ringtone. I hope your political campaign will be successful Kay

  10. Charles: I hope so, too. The alternative scares me -- damn teabaggers!

  11. Anonymous9:33 PM

    Good luck on the campaign. We are working for a candidate here, too. It is hard work, but fun to be with all of the good people.

  12. The only thing I'd want added to that Barack Obama phone message is "dammit!"

  13. Did they win? I'm so not up on all the Foorball Games....!
    I hope they did, my dear....!

  14. Glad to know you're on the political job there in Ohio. Your state, mine in Calif., and a couple others are considered quite critical in the upcoming elections. I'll be writing a bit on what's happening here. Took a phone survey call yesterday, but as soon as I responded with comments they didn't want to hear they hung up -- must have been the party whose name I can't even bring myself to write. or that extremist group that wants to take them over.

    Got to hear Jackson Browne in live appearance May '098 with our local boy-made-good, Ben Harper:

    Yeah, OSU getting off to a good start. Hope they go all the way. Our TV carried Michigan vs Notre Dame. My husband would have fussed that they didn't carry OSU.

  15. Alice: Good idea!! Does he cuss?

    Naomi: You bet they did!!! Anytime we beat an SEC team, it's awesome.

    Jo: If you heard John's opponent speak or saw his history, you would be 'on the job', too. I can't risk his being elected. He's a multi-millionaire who's been bankupt SEVEN times. And they complain about people on welfare playing the system.

  16. Kay I could not believe that guy Davidson – he must have been smoking something funny! What a freak show and he said he had a master degree in communication? Where did he get it? From a budget correspondence course? He could not even remember his lines. I have to get my husband (he is from OH) to watch this, it’s hilarious.


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