Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Millie!!!!

It's one of my most favorite and dearest friends
in the World of Blog's 85th Birthday:

The loverly and talented Millie Garfield!!!!

Here's a bottle of virtual bottle of champagne to help you celebrate, Millie!!!!!
Here's to many more!!!!!

Annnnndddd here's a video of a song about you!

Y'all can go by and deliver your own birthday wishes to Millie here!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Great song to help her celebrate.

    I've had to start a new blog.

    A long and sad story.

  2. That's so nice of you. :)

  3. I can't tell you what a kick I got out of the champagne and the Thorough Modern Millie video!!!!

    How perfect could that birthday wish be. Loved it!

    I didn't remember that there was a movie by that title. If I sign up for Netflix will have to order it.

    It was a joy to watch that short clip.

    Thanks a bunch!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to Millie. I sure did love that movie. I just love Julie Andrews.


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