Tuesday, April 06, 2010


It's been an amazing few days in Kay's World. I've been busy with all sorts of things so keeping up with y'all has been a challenge.

* I went to our art community's First Friday celebration on Friday evening and had a really nice time wandering around the galleries and saying 'hi' to my buddies among the street musicians. It was warm and beautiful and there was a huge crowd so I saw a lot of old friends. Eventually, I made my way to the excellent coffee shop that sells excellent coffee for excellent coffee -- cheaper and better than Fourbucks!!!! They had an excellent duo playing and -- wonder of wonders! -- they gave everyone free CDs!!!! Even better, they had a Tarot card reader available. I know how to read the Tarot but I'm not very confident with it and lately, the cards have confused me when I read them for myself so I decided to treat myself to a reading and I'm glad I did. The reader was an absolute delight and we both had a good time. She was delighted that I knew what she was doing and we both chuckled when she did the spread and I pointed to one card and said, "That card has been showing up a lot and it scares me!" Some of her insights were pretty amazing. She also tossed in some reiki because she felt I needed it and that was great. If you haven't heard of reiki, it is described by adherents as "a holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels". This was my second experience with it and both have been positive. I'm not certain how it works but after she finished I felt better so I can't argue it's validity. I do know that it isn't the gospel but have found some interesting insights from it. Tarot is something I got interested in when I was reading a lot of philosophy because it's been around so long and several philosophers have explored it in depth. And yeah, the art work on the various decks fascinates me. At any rate, I went and hung out at my friend Lynda's gallery and she nagged me to come and do a piece for her "story quilts" soon -- a really great project that's been travelling around the Midwest. I think I'm ready to do it -- finally!

* Easter Sunday I went to Mass and then headed to my brother's to gather with the clan armed with two pies and bunnies for my grandnieces. Mike likes to cook on holidays and does it very well so we were properly stuffed and everyone went home with leftovers. I swear we had the biggest ham in NE Ohio!!!!!! Brianna and Sarah. my grandnieces, are growing like weeds and I enjoyed them immensely. Sarah cracks me up -- she likes to entertain herself and smiles and giggles a lot as she plays. Brianna likes playmates and she enlisted me to help build "mountains" in the sandbox. My nephew Matt turned up with his girlfriend and her daughter but didn't stay long because they had other obligations. I really liked his young lady and told him not to mess it up!!! He seems to have settled down some and I hope he stays on track. Shannon and her boyfriend arrived after making their family rounds and I was glad to see her. It was a good day and I was really tired by the time I got home.

* Yesterday I got busy around here and got some things done. The phone rang and I was surprised when it was the local Census office. They want me to come to work for them part-time for two months. I asked a LOT of questions and finally said I was interested but only if it wasn't going to mess up a lot of things. So far two out of three phone calls have been positive and I'm presently waiting for a callback from #3 so y'all pray and/or think lovely thoughts. This will facilitate my getting the funds I need for my dental work and my projected move. Good stuff!!!!

Today I'm in what I call "full tilt boogie" mode and I have a lot to do. I have to get a lot of things done so I can go back to work and be ready if/when moving happens.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    What a busy life you lead! Puts mine to shame. I am the laziest person on earth and I need your energy.

  2. Phone the SS office and or unemployment and ask them if it will mess up everything. It will take away from G's unemployment. If it won't, go to it girl. :)

    Yes, I do like having the I Ching or the cards read, but I don't like doing them myself. I used to have a friend who read them for me every year, but lately the only place to get them read is at the fair.

    You just take care of you. You sound like you had a great holiday.

  3. Gigi: I spend days and weeks with nothing to do and suddenly everthing hapens at once. Energy? I get tired but I keep going.

    Maggie: I called SS and if I do some paperwork, I'm okay. I'll be there tomorrow. ODJFS says I'm okay, too if I give them paperwork. Still waiting for SMHA to call back. And I don't like to read myself either because I'm not objective but sometimes I do anyway. I do fine with friends. Nobody takes care of me but me -- so I have no choice.

  4. I have never had any experience with Tarot cards, but I'm interested. That said, I haven't moved myself to learn more about it. Maybe I'm superstitious.

  5. Kay, it's great to find you in a happy mood with things looking up. I hope it all works out.

  6. Betty: I'm not a nut about it or even a true believer but sometimes when my thinking gets muddled it often clarifies something I had stuck in my brain. I think that was the case on this last reading.

    Linda: I'm not counting on anything until it's all A-OK with the people who govern my existence. I still have one call to go!

  7. Hiya Kay-- I saw your comment on Lil Red's Blog, and I noticed the beautiful Flowers behind you. That is the SC State Flower I think. There are two types, one that Flowers before the leaves, and that is what I have all in my yard, and the other leaves- LOL) before it flowers!

    Great Blog by the way!

    Is it called Yellow Bell? I can't remember the real name...

    Yellow Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens- God Bless you Google!!!!


  8. PS: Would you mind if I link to you?

    I always Like to ask.


  9. John: The flowers are called forsythia -- and it's quite common here in Ohio. It's one of the first bushes to bloom each year so everybody grows them. From my front porch I can probably see a dozen. That particular bush grows in the park near my home.

    Thank you for coming by -- the welcome mat is always out.

  10. John: No problem -- I'm on my way to visit you!!! LOL

  11. Sounds like a full and busy AND Wonderful Weekend....I need a Tarot Reading--it has been too long.
    I will keep everything crosses so for ALL Good things for you, my dear...!

  12. Obviously spring has sprung in the Midwest and the winter doldrums are over! You seem to be having a grand time!

  13. I have had only one tarot reading and I was impressed. I love to use Indian Medicine Cards, particularly when we are camping and I feel close to nature.

    Isn't it fun to celebrate the holidays with children. It sounds like you had a great time with those grand nieces.

  14. Such an interesting and busy time you have had recently Kay. From A to Z you did it all, and with sparkles.

    Hooray for you.

  15. Reiki works? So will you be giving up your medical insurance and saying a fond good bye to your doctors then? I have often wondered why Tarot card readers and astrologers never make a killing in the stock market? You would think they would be party to inside information. It must be that the Chi cannot be used for investment purposes.

  16. You're so lucky to have beautiful weather. I put away my sandals and got my boots back out today. Snow! Springtime in the rockies is a myth.

  17. Naomi: It was a nice change to be busy. And yeah, a good reading can clear out the cobwebs.

    Hattie: Actually it's just a break from the regularly scheduled drama I call a life.

    Maria: Gotta love our lil' gals!!! You must have had a good reader.

    Chancy: It was a nice change. No doubt I'll be back to the usual soon.

    Robert: Yes, reiki works for some thing but if you had clicked on the link and actually read about it you'd know that it isn't a substitute for a doctor. As to the Tarot it isn't a question of
    divination. Read some Joseph Campbell.


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