Sunday, March 28, 2010

This and That

It was a weird day what with the computer problems that plagued me. Call me obsessive-compulsive but there was no way in hell I was going to be able to sleep until I got it fixed so I didn't. Here are the highlights of a surreal day.

* I finally got my computer working about 10 AM. Then I had to get caught up on y'all which took until noon and apologies if I gave any of you short shrift when I commented or -- God forbid -- missed someone!

* I wanted to put a post on my Blogher blog but I'm still not comfortable there and have no idea what to write. Maybe I was just too tired to think.

* I finally put my self to bed at noon for a couple hours. I was awakened by a lot of hollering and the smell of melted plastic emanating from upstairs. Obviously my neighbor was "off the hook" again as the kids say. Was I upset? Damn right! However, I really didn't want to sleep too long so I could get back on a decent sleep schedule.

* I went to 4 o'clock Mass despite my feelings about the current news from Rome which has left all of us in shock. I've always been a questioner. I was the kid in parochial school who got in trouble for raising my hand and saying, "But Sister, that doesn't make sense!!!! Nothing has ever changed. Right now I am ashamed of and and confused with my church and my faith and need to work it all out.

* I had some wonderful broccoli-cheese soup for supper and tomorrow I plan to cook.
I'm going to make my infamous enchilada casserole. It's a serious yum!

* I just watched (while making lists) Last Vacation with Queen Latifah. It was a 'feel good' movie and just what I needed. She is a pretty good actress. Y'all can see/hear her talk about it here.

* Bill Maher 'New Rules' was wayyy crude this week but, as usual, has more than a few grains of truth in it. In essence, what he said to the Democrats was "To hell with bi-partisan -- y'all did fine on your own! Keep it up!" And of course the GOP got kicked to the curb. It's not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

* Thanks to all y'all for your wonderful comments!!!!!

I'm off to bed -- hopefully to get a start on a decent sleep schedule. See y'all tomorrow!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous5:09 AM

    I hope you get a decent night's sleep after all you've been through. You have such an active mind, Kay. Let it rest now and then, ok?

  2. I had a horrible night's sleep WITH THIS HORRIBLE COLD...but now all I can think about is your infamous enchilada casserole. Sounds delicious!!

  3. I hope you slept like a baby last night Kay...YIKES, 2:04 am when you posted this. Sounds like me.

    Hey, if you are having any problems posting things on BlogHer...or are confused by how the site works, there is a tour of BlogHer you can take that might help explain things better since we've had our new re-design of the site. Also, you can always e-mail our community manager, Denise, about any confusion. Here's her address:

    Have a good Sunday sweetie...Love, Joy

  4. It's a second brilliant remark....:)

    For me, sleep is far more important than getting my computer runnning. Then again, I have G. It's cheating, I know, to hand it to him to fix, but otherwise I would have to take it to a shop.

    Yes, Kay D is just fine. How delightful you found me over there. OD Is known as a Hive site. It was one of the first diary sites, and I didn't know what I was getting into when I started here. Then it froze, collapsed, was a victem of attacks et al, and that's what brought me to blogger. It's my back up blog, mirror blog, but I have friends here that are just as valuable as the ones I have made there. You among them.

    No go get some sleep. :)

  5. Kay, it's a good thing you live alone. You're too hyper to live with anyone. Geez, down girl.

    Sleep is the number one thing in my life. Without regular good sleep I turn into a disaster, as in get me to the doctor for meds. That's not pretty, so I'm constantly on guard to prevent that scene.

    I begin early in the evening bringing myself down. Now that I have a cup of hot decaffinated tea and some dark choclates that's a wonderful way to begin preparing for sleep. It's essential to my sanity.

  6. Mission accomplished...that is..getting your computer going again! Probably a distraction [from a Higher Power!] sent along to take some focus off of all the other issues that you are trying to resolve!!
    One rung of the ladder at a time. You're getting there, Kay.

  7. Gigi: I probably slept too long.

    Ily: Get well!!!! Come on over or I'll be eating it for days!!!

    Joy: I didn't get to bed until 4! I slept too long which means I'm not going to get this straightened out quickly. As to Blogher, I'm not having problems posting but I'm not sure what is considered appropriate. The culture is so different there.

    Maggie: I understand! My ex-husband is a geek but I try to avoid asking him. And thanks for your kind words.

    Linda: Some kids don't outgrow hyperactivity. lol Sleep has always been a problem for me.
    I'm glad your new diet is helping you.

    Mare: I'm trying. I also look at such things as great lessons. I always learn new stuff for the next time.

  8. I saw your blog mentioned on Xtreme English and came to take to visit. My daughter and son in law are finishing their medical residencies at the Ohio State University Medical Hospital so I hear a lot about the famous Buckeyes – I was given a brilliant red tee shirt with their name. From the little I read of your blog I think I’ll enjoy reading your point of view. I shall return.

  9. Anonymous7:00 PM

    Hey, you have a new photo! Looks great and very spring-y!

  10. Vagabonde: Thanks so much for coming to visit!!!! Your son and d-i-l must be good -- OSU's medical center is really selective!!! Be warned -- during football season, we're insufferable! But we're fun!!!! LOL

    AITBR: Actually it's old but I like it better than the other one. I do love forsythia!

  11. Sleep well tonight, Kay!

  12. It must be tough for you as a believer to work your way through the mess that the Catholic Church has gotten itself into. I like Maureen Dowd's suggestion that the Pope should be a woman! What gets me is this idea that priests and other clergy should be excempt from the rules and laws that govern others.

  13. Judy: Damn!!!! I hope so!!!!

    Hattie: It is indeed difficult and I notice there are people missing at Mass. I'm trying to work through it because I still believe that most priests keep their vows. Unfortunately, the press slavers over this type of thing and non-Catholics make judgements without knowing a damned thing about it.

  14. thanks for the movie tip. i need all the feelgood movies i can get!!
    it was 39 degrees here this ayem!!! shortest summer i've ever lived through.

    hope you're getting your beauty sleep. i'm going to go look for some ice cream in the freezer....

  15. I hope you had a good night sleep.

    The food sounds yummy!

    The Roman Cathloic church is having to pay its dues for keeping all of this quiet but there are good priests and nuns, not all of them are pedifiles. Yes, religion of any kind doesn't make sense. I don't share my thoughts because I don't want to shake anybodys foundation. You have to go with what your heart feels and if mass makes you feel better then rejoice and go with it :)

    take care

  16. I must say I LOVED Bill Maher's "NEW RULES" on Friday....Crude? Yes! But, he is right. It's time that the Dems just do what has to be done...The Repubs have made it very clear they are NOT going to join them in ANYTHING!

    I hope you slept better, my dear.

  17. M.E.: So do I. Come on over!!! I have a half gallon of Buckeye Blitz -- a serious yum!

    LTTS: I understand and know in my heart that most priests are truly good men and keep their vows. Every religion has it's corruption -- there are plenty of girls who received the "Holy Spirit" from their pastor.

    Naomi: Indeed!!! He was more over the top than usual but it was all true. If that GOP doesn't want to play nice then it's up to the Dems to step up. Doing nothing accomplishes nothing.

  18. I know you and I are both insomniacs, Kay, but I hope your sleep pattern is getting better regulated.


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