Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's the wee hours and I'm having connection problems. They started after I upgraded to IE 8 a few weeks ago but also appear if I use Firefox. More specifically, I'm having problems with mostly Blogger and Blogger blogs as well as with other sites. I spent a LOT of time with AT&T with their tech support in New Delhi or somesuch and they were basically useless. Now it's nearly 5 am. I ran all my anti-virus and anti-spyware, adware and malware programs and nothing appears to be amiss. I reset IE and assorted other nonsense. Blogger is mostly useless if one needs help. I'm fresh out of options and or solutions. I am tired and angry and disappointed. I hope I can at least get this post online. Suggestions/Assistance are welcome.

Here's my congressman, John Boccieri, again on the threats of violence by a certain element who call themselves Christians in our country (I've decided that I will no longer mention them by name as it gives them a credibility they do not merit but I think y'all will get my drift.). He actually makes sense and is rational. (He also turned down a ride on Air Force One -- so he isn't bought easily). I'm proud to have him representing me and am planning to volunteer to work on his re-election campaign. Think I'll need weapons training?

And oh yeah, the funniest thing I read today was at The Cafferty Files where Jack asked: Have you started thinking about your 2012 vote? and this reply gave a frightening mental image that almost made sense.

"Brian in Boise, Idaho writes:
Jack, I'm voting for Obama no matter what because from what I can see, the only people running for the GOP nod are total idiots: Huckabee denies evolution, Romney flip-flopped on health care reform and his face looks like a cereal box, Gingrich is a corrupt beltway insider and Palin, I'm pretty sure, is the product of a conjugal visit between Charles Manson and Ann Coulter. These are not ideal options."

I hope this post works.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I think Brian is damn near to being a poet!

  2. I think that you -- in your inimitable style -- are saying what my Daddy called more truth than poetry!

  3. God, I hate internet problems. I hate computer problems of any kind Kay. I wish I was a techie wizard that could give you all the answers. I hope your problems are resolved soon.

    I won't even get into those disgusting threats of just infuriates me no end. ~Joy

  4. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Let's hope that Brian's brilliance will be shared by the majority of voters in 2012. I'm a little worried.

  5. Joy: Good news!!! I was up all night but by damn I got it working again! And yeah, I feel your pain!!!

    AITBR: So am I! I will probably get shot by one of 'those' when I volunteer for my Congressman's campaign in the fall.

  6. LOVEDDDDD the comments about voting for Obama no matter what! and all the rest! Wanted to say Hi, I'm still here. Loved all your comments and glad to see you going so strong.

  7. Anonymous3:21 PM

    I hope your internet woes are over. I don't understand what those problems were, since you visited my blog okay and even left comments. And I i have read your blog posts okay, too.

    I think that if there is violence this year, there will be a tremendous backlash against the GOP and they will lose at the voting booths.

  8. Glad you got your computer problems solved. I hate it when my computer acts up, its enough to pull your hair out.

    I loved the Palin comment, LOL.
    I don't know what will happen when we vote again but I'm sure the Rep's have something up their sleeve :(

  9. Alice!!!!!: I just woke up after finally getting some sleep!!!! A comment from you is the very best news I've had in days!!!

  10. Gigi: I think so but it took hours and now my sleep patterns are a mess. Again. Sigh.

    LTTS: I hope so -- God knows I'm not a techie.

  11. so far, the funniest blog of my day!


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