Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Sunshine

It's Saturday afternoon and it's been sunny and bright, albeit cold, allllllll day!!!!! It's the kind of day that energizes my soul and improves my morale. I think that getting out of the house last night helped a lot, too!!! At times like this I ask myself why I live here and then the light bulb goes off in my brain and reminds me: "Because you're too damned broke to move/live anywhere else, idiot girl!" Oh well.

I almost didn't go downtown for the First Friday celebration but I shoved myself into some decent clothes and headed downtown. The parking gods were with me and I snagged a meter (free after 5 pm) across the street from Lynda's gallery. I popped over to the Palace Theater for some awesome Irish music and then popped by Lynda's where I ran into several friends and hung out there for a while. I sorta wanted to go home and said, "I can't decide if I want to go home or head to the Arcadia to see Maria and have a beer." Lynda said, "I've got the perfect reason to go see Maria." and she fetched a poster and flyers for her annual fund raiser and said, "Go!!!" So I wandered down the alley waving at the street musicians and stopped to talk Denny (one of the best jazz tenor sax players I've heard) for a minute.

When I got to the Arcadia it was in full swing and I asked a waitress where the boss was and she directed me to the back. I was in shock when I saw Maria. Her head was shaved. And before I could stop myself "Oh my God!" popped out. She said, "It's gonna be okay!" which could only mean that her cancer is back but that's another story about a tough, courageous woman. I gave her the material Lynda sent and she was delighted and told me to sit down and told a waitress to bring me a beer on the house. We talked a bit and enjoyed the musician who sang oldies before, as always, her staff got so busy that she pitched in to help and I decided to head back up to Lynda's and give her Maria's message that yes, she would attend and spread the word. I just hung around a little bit there and decided to head home because I was tired.

Today I woke up with energy and made a list. I'm working to get myself on a proper sleep schedule. I headed to the library a grabbed a bunch of movies -- they let you get ten at a time -- and then stopped at the deep discount drug store to check out the closeout aisle and picked up a few bargains. This is what $22 bought: 2 big fluffy bath towels, 2 matching wash cloths, a bath mat, a car charger and an earphone for my cell, paper plates, furniture polish, 2 pairs of embroidery scissors and an umbrella. Good stuff, huh? That store has been a godsend to me on my tight budget! The hard part is that when one sees something, one had best buy it because it probably won't be there when you come back.

Tonight will be movie night which means I'll be needlepointing a lot. Good stuff!!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice again and I'm going to grab my quarterstaff and go to the park to walk a bit.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Kay, it is really good to read an upbeat post from you. I'm glad to know you are feeling better. Love those deep discount stores myself. I went shopping with my daughter today; she's outfitting her first home and I'm having a ball helping her. She doesn't take all of my advice, but enough to keep me smiling!

  2. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Great evening and wonderful day! Keep it up!

  3. lucky you! sounds like you've found affordable fun central. i am agog that you got ALL OF THAT for $22!! glad you had such a good day--and evening. hope tmw brings more sun....

  4. Yep. You are sounding up. That is good. I remember that urge to dash around when spring is in the air that affects Midwesterners. We lived in Madison for five years!

  5. Judy: Trust me it's a fleeting thing but I've learned to enjoy things while they last. Until I get I some things straightened out, there will be damned little peace so I enjoy the interludes.
    This place I go to played a large part in furnishing my home 10 years ago when I had nothing.

    Gigi: From your keyboard to God's monitor.

    M.E.: As I said, it's been a godsend and an adventure because one never knows what will turn up there. The closeout section has a bit of everything -- large or small.

    Hattie: Madison? My mom is from north of Ripon. She's one of 8 kids and everybody still lives up there.

  6. A sunny day and some great bargains. THat sounded like a good day to me Kay!

  7. Yes, I find it good to get out and get moving too. This last week is the best I've felt in months.....steroids, I know. But I so hope it keeps up for a while so I too can get out. What a great evening yesterday, and movies with embroidery today.

  8. So glad to hear that you had a good day!! I know what you mean about feeling better with the sunshine. My fantasy is to have a yearly circuit where I live in relatively sunny and warm areas all year. The old south for the winter and north for the summer. Like you I don't have the wherewithal to turn the fantasy into reality. We had a good day at the farm market yesterday: 4.5 lbs fresh asparagus, one cabbage, one bag of tangerines, one apple, 2 dozen jumbo eggs for just over $11.


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