Monday, March 08, 2010

Busy Tuesday Thoughts -- a Quick Update

It's Tuesday and I'm suffering from my messed up sleep patterns. I've been up most of the night despite my best efforts. The good news is that I didn't waste the time and got some good things done and off my list.

* I keep getting letters telling me that I'm paying too much for my car insurance. I think we all think we pay too much for that. The only reason I've been giving them notice is that I've been with my agency for three years and have never had a claim or any traffic violation. Because I am a good girl, it seems to me that my premium should be going up every year. If anything, I think they should be going down. I want your input. Should I be checking into changing companies? If you have suggestions you can email me at the addy in the sidebar.

* I had a nice surprise Sunday afternoon -- Brice knocked on my door and had a Styrofoam container in hand. His mom works part-time for an old friend of mine who owns a restaurant and Phil sent me one of his excellent club sandwiches. I think it was a not so subtle hint that he hasn't seen me in a while and I'd best get up there to touch base and have a meal.

* Sunday night was Symphony night and it was wonderful -- it started with Rachmaninoff and ended with Tchaikovsky and in the middle we had a marvelous mezzo soprano from the Santa Fe Opera Company as guest artist singing Liebersohn. It doesn't get much better than that!!!!! We are blessed to have such an excellent orchestra here!!!!

I think I'd better get some breakfast and then go lie down for a bit. I suspect it's going to be one of those days where I'm going to be a serial napper. Sigh.

Hope y'all have a great day!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Just get some good sleep Kay...that will help a great deal. At least you got some things off your list. I write lists ALL the time, and I love scratching them off as I go. I guess it's the feeling of being organized and keeping things running as smoothly as possible. I hope the rest of your week goes well for you sweetie... ~Joy

  2. Yup, nap. I'm so sorry about your days turning into nights. I have several friends who fight this. I'm so grateful that I lie down and only get up to bathroom it.

    I agree. That kind of music is invigorating. Winds me up, leaves me tapping my toes for days certainly. :)

  3. Nap all you want if that will help establish your sleep pattern again. A messed up sleep schedule can cause all sorts of havoc.

  4. Hey, Kay. I think it is always a good idea to check out the options for any of our expenses. Mom checked out Geico, which I had for many years, as well as American Family, which provided her insurance, as well as a couple of others. Before we sold my car, I always checked out other companies when my insurance came due. Interestingly, Geico was always cheaper for me while American Family has always had the best price for Mom. We do the same thing with cell phone service (though we just got the new phones with a 2 year contract, so we won't be looking for another almost 2 years), computer service, and television. Looking at alternatives both reminds us of what our services provide and of what other providers will charge. One thing we have noticed--often the promo prices go up after the introductory period and the savings we might get from the switch will be negated by higher costs after the promo period is over. It takes some careful figuring sometimes to make sense of all the plans and prices.

  5. Wow Rach and Tchai on the same program!! Now that is class!!

  6. You are so lucky to have a symphony orchestra within reach. I do miss that out here. living, as I do, on an island in the middle of the ocean. The nearest orchestra to us, the excellent Honolulu Symphony, had to cancel its season for lack of funds. Very sad.

  7. Anonymous2:10 PM

    When I was pregnant with Lisa, I went without sleep for 3 consecutive nights. Nearly went crazy til the doc gave me some pills to take, which worked. No side effects for the baby. She came out normal.

  8. Joy: Thanks!!!! I need to get organized in case I move!!!

    Maggie: I tend to be a night owl but this getting ridiculous!!! My symphony subscription is my present to myself.

  9. Linda: It sure does and you can bet Dr. Maria will be talking about it next month.

  10. Thanks Mary!!!!! I'm lucky -- I like my package with AT&T.

    GFB: Indeed!!!!!! We probably have the finest symphony for a city our size in the country. And it's run by a wonderful staff!

  11. Club sandwiches (hand delivered) and symphony're right, it doesn't get much better than that!

    Happy Tuesday, Kay!


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