Monday, January 11, 2010

Random Thoughts for Tuesday

I'm finally done with the prep for my colonoscopy tomorrow and, in case you've never had one, let me tell you that it's literally and figuratively a pain in the you-know-what. I'm exhausted and starving to death and can't eat until about lunch time -- not a nice combo -- so forgive me for being a little cranky. I had wonderful plans for a different post but it will have to wait as I have to be up early to get to the doc.

* Clarification: I didn't say I wasn't going to write about politics; I said I wasn't going to write about them mostly. When those crazies who allegedly represent us trip my trigger, you can bet I'll be stomping my soapbox. If you saw 60 Minutes, as I did Sunday night, it was interesting but not a surprise -- somebody had to see the writing on the wall in the G.O.P.

* It's snowing again in NE Ohio. Sigh. I hope Buckeye Chuck doesn't see his shadow.
I'm tired of winter.

* Basketball season has my interest -- both the Buckeyes and the Cavaliers. I'd like to see both in the playoffs. With the Cavs it could happen. Adding Shaq to help King James seems to be working pretty well.

* I've been getting my place organized in fits and starts. It seems like it's never done.

* Kudos to the state of New Jersey for passing a medical marijuana bill. Chemo and glaucoma patients will get some relief.

* From "They're at again!" Dept.: The New York Times reports that States across the country are lowering standards for graduation. Does this bother anyone but me? How are the kids today supposed to function in this world?

* From my Laughter Department: Enjoy this clip of the Chico and Harpo Marx in their classic, "Duck Soup"!! It's great!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. I have had a colonoscopy and definitely the prep is far worse than the actual test. It's important to do though and thankfully not frequently. Good luck with yours

  2. I recently had "the test" and am good for five years. Hopefully sometime in the next five years someone will find a more humane way of doing it. Good luck.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    the video had me enthralled from start to finish.

    good luck with your colonoscopy.

  4. Good to see your posts, no matter what.
    Our state has just raised the graduation standards. If you don't pass their standards, you get a certificate, but not an official graduation. If you want to graduate, then you have to go back and try again, taking the classes and tests one more time. Personally, I am grateful they passed this law AFTER my last one was gone, because this might have been a fight to the finish. He is now doing very well in a high accredited college. He now has motivation: a wife and two children to feed, clothe and provide for. There IS hope after High School, if we can just get them on the right road.
    love you, Kay

  5. Good luck with your colonscopy, I've never had one but it doesn't sound like fun.

    I love Shaq, we were BIG Laker Fans till Kobe fell for a set up (my husband and I both worked at a hotel like he was at, it was a set up and he was an idiot to fall for it) and then Shaq left the Lakers and we said phooey to watching anymore.

    They want to keep the kids stupid, so when they grow up they can feed them bullsh-t and they will buy it.

    I love the video!

    I am glad everytime medical pot gets approved. It does help people without side effects. Its better then what the drug companies can come up with :)


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