Friday, January 08, 2010

Random Blogoversary Thoughts

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Cartoon by Dave Walker. Find more cartoons you can freely re-use on your blog at We Blog Cartoons.

I spent my blogoversary checking on the snow (we are buried), visiting as many of you as I could, and thinking about where I want to go from here (as well as a lot other stuff). Here are a few things that I'm considering. I won't call them resolutions because I'm not good at them.

* I found the the cartoon above great blog by a gentleman called Dave Walker who shares his fun cartoons with all and sundry. Do give it a look.

* I've been terribly remiss in spending time at Blogher and think I'd like to restore and increase my presence there. I'll tell y'all where to find me there.

* Some of my favorite series have been languishing which means I have huge backlogs of material and more appearing daily. You long-time visitors will recall Weird Words, My Favorite Mysteries and The Founding Fathers on the Bill of Rights.

* Since y'all seem to like a good (or bad) groooaannn, The Groaner of the Week stays as I have said before and if you come across an excellent new groaner you want to share, please email it to me at the addy in the sidebar and I will link it your blog. God knows we all love new readers and we need a good giggle to start our week.

* And yeah, my passion for Ohio State football will continue.

* Old TV is fun and it will be around for a while, too. It reminds me of simpler times when people had manners and ethics and nasty language was not a staple of entertainment.

* I think I want to avoid politics mostly -- it's not good for my blood pressure and some people think that my blog is a forum for their agenda. Then again, there are times when I seriously have to holler about the idiocies that our leaders and the talking heads are attempting to perpetrate. Some times the Cranky Old Broad insists on ranting.

* I haven't done a story for The Elder Storytelling Place in a long time and I'd like to do that, too.

* And my How I Got to Be Me blog is wayyyy overdue for updating. What can I say? It's not easy to relive less than pleasant memories.

* My blog roll needs to be updated which means I have to do some housework here. Who knows? I might even redecorate while I'm at it. (I do wish Blogger would come up with some new templates.)

Yeah, I'm being ambitious in my thoughts and I might even accomplish some of it! The bottom line is that I'm here and plan to hang around for a while and hope y'all will, too.

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Happy continuation of the blogaversary! Mine is coming up and I want to make some changes too - but small ones. As you may know, I deleted my blogroll, since it was impossible to get rid of the deadwood otherwise. I'd like to do a new one, but I know it will take a while and I'm not sure I have the patience.

    I'm glad to know you will be giving up politics - it gives me a headache!!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Kay--Happy Blogoversary. I must admit that I've no idea when I started blogging or when my blogoversary is. Oblivious, eh?

    Thanks for keeping the Groaners. I love your posting of humorous stuff!
    Cop Car

  3. You've got some good ideas Kay...

    I love Dave Walker's cartoons...hilarious. I've saved his site in my favorite file.

    I'm REALLY glad you've decided to hang out at BlogHer more often. Am I biased? Maybe, but only because it's such a great place...and there's so much going on there and so much great info to get...good for you. I'm there all the time and I haven't begun to get all the benefits from the site that I could...because I'm constantly working. need a new button for your side bar lady. We've been for a long time now. Here's a link for where you can find the new code for an updated button just like the one you you can enter it:>

    See you over at BlogHer...

    Now, continuing on.....I don't write about politics on my blog....on purpose. Enough said.

    I look forward to any new entries on your How I Got to Be Me Blog...I enjoy those.

    And, I too have been remiss on the Elder Storytelling blog...I just haven't had the time to send in any entries; and I feel badly about that. I like that site and I like reading those posts. I hope I free up some time somewhere down the line. Hugs, Joy

  4. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Kay, congrats! Keep doing what you have been doing, which is just great.

    I started my blog on Nov 20, 2006 so it's been over 3 years. Time sure flies, as they say...

  5. Happy Blogoversary Kay. It seems like I've been doing this way to long at times and other times not long enough. I try hard to keep it interesting or at least offer new stuff, but how much longer can I do that.

    Politics, Religion on my blog, not on my life, or yours either. :)
    I do enjoy your blog "How I got to be me" but haven't been there in awhile, will head there now to see if anything new is up since my last visit.

    ta ta...

  6. congrats on the blogoversary! you're a mighty successful blogger! keep on keepin' on!!!

    p.s. love the cartoon.


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