Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random Wednesday Thoughts

It's Wednesday and life has been relatively calm in Kay's World but it's time to time to catch up on a few things rattling around my alleged brain.

* Sincerest thanks to all y'all for visiting my home and all your kind words. This place is always a work in progress and I enjoy adding/subtracting/replacing things immensely. Hopefully, I will be totally finished by the Holidays and ready to deck the halls and have the gang in for an open house.

* All my hard work on my place will serve me well soon -- the annual Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival is coming soon and I'll be entertaining the gang for brunch and lunch on Parade Day again in addition to the usual madness. My next project is cleaning the front porch.

* Anybody have any idea of how long rechargeable batteries are supposed to last? I have two sets for my camera and they don't seem to recharge very well anymore. Don't ask me how long I've had them but I'm guessing that one can only recharge them so many times before they die.

* Cell phone advice: I learned a horribly hard lesson when my purse was stolen with all my important stuff in it including my brand new cell phone. Losing the phone was bad but losing the information stored in is a horror. Hard copies are not so old-fashioned after all. I'm becoming downright paranoid about such things so please forgive me if I stomp my soapbox about it.

* If y'all haven't seen the new series, Hawthorn, on TNT, I recommend y'all take a look. Jada Pinkett Smith does a wonderful job with the title role. I think it will be around a while. Even better, it precedes Saving Grace which is my favorite TV program. I keep asking in my prayers for an angel like Earl.

* I'm working on a schedule to manage my world more efficiently. I want/need more time for writing other stuff as well as posting here and visiting y'all.

* I am looking askance at the health care bill. Little things in it, like a penalty tax on those who do not have some kind of health care coverage and taxing employer-provided health benefits to help pay for their plan, grate on my last nerve. God knows what it will do to the deficit but I'm guessing it will grow horrendously. I've been without any sort of health care and I know what it's like and I'm grateful for my Medicare. However, taxing health care benefits in an economy that's in ruins, doesn't make sense to me. Maybe we should make AIG and Goldman Sachs turn over their landmark profits to the people who bailed their butts out instead of handing out bonuses -- and I don't mean Congressmen. Just my take.

* Seen on a T-shirt: AIG: Arrogance, Incompetence, Greed. I want one.

I'm probably going to venture out tomorrow just because I haven't done so for days. I do get tired of my own company -- and yeah, I'm out of Diet Coke and some other stuff. I've most of my posts done or in progress for the rest of the week so I'm pretty organized this week. Let's see how long it lasts!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. OMG! If I lost my cell phone I can't imagine trying to replace all the information. It hurts to even think about writing all of it down somewhere.

    One thing I won't do is substitute computer bill notifications for paper ones. If I get oldtimers or if I die my spouse doesn't know the first thing about when our bills are due so I just go around feeling guilty for wasting trees when I refuse to cancel my paper bill.

  2. kay, i have two rechargeable batteries for my CI, and i've quit using them because they no longer hold a charge that will get me through one 8-hour day. pain in the neck. i buy little disposable
    batteries online in bulk for about half of what i'd pay in CVS/Walgreens/RiteAid and then recycle em. ain't life grand?

  3. you might check with your cell service and see if there is a way that you can back up your phone online --- I know Verizon has that ability (that's what I have)

    As much as we hoped for real "change we could believe in" on health care, I'm becoming convinced we're only going to get something that is more punitive and less helpful than we already have --- and that failure will influence my vote in the future

  4. Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival, sounds great. We have been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, my husband is a huge football fan (I didn't know anything about it till I got married). Your batteries sound dead, I stopped using that kind, the charge wouldn't last. I am old fashioned, I keep a ahrd copy of everything! T-shirt, I love it!

  5. Annie is right about computer notifications for invoices. We are having trouble right now with our power bill - which doesn't arrive - and it isn't in our spam folder either. Blah!

    Rechargeable batteries didn't work well for me at all. I gave them up for lithium batteries which last much longer!!

  6. Hooray for Saving Grace. I just love that spunky girl and her angel. And her sister.

  7. About camera batteries, I'd like to share my experience. My digital camera is pretty old now and as we were getting ready for a long trip in May it occurred to me I might need another camera battery in case I wasn't able to get the one I had recharged each night. A new one cost $49. Yikes! That was outrageous. So I got online and found the same battery in California for $7.50. I decided it was better to risk losing $7.50 than fork out $49 for an new battery for an old camera (I'm hoping for a new one before next year's vacation). Long story short, the new battery holds a charge 3 or 4 times longer than the old battery, and the $7.50 one came in less than a week. I'm glad I took the gamble. If you want to know which online store I used, just email me and I'll send you more info. No doubt they'll have your brand too.


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