Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On the Road Again . . .

Before I hit the byways and highways tomorrow. I'm going to try to get by and visit y'all and get caught up a bit. Some delays have already reared their ugly heads but I will definitely be in Toledo for Barb's 80th birthday party come hell or high water. That said, I'm taking the easy way again -- so I can get some sleep! It's been that kind of day.

I wanted to have Willie serenade y'all but I couldn't find a video I like so instead you get to hear my errand music as I listened to Cleveland's best oldies station. Shades of my senior year (1965)!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Kay, mean there's no "On the Road Again" video? Sacrilegious. Goodness.

    Thanks so much for your great words. It took me years to learn to laugh, and a stroke at 30 must have left you rather dogged than filled with laughter. Nice to read you.

  2. Maggie: Yeah, there was but they weren't really all that good so I decided a blast from the past would be cool.

  3. Have a wonderful and safe journey on the highways and byways. Enjoy your trip from beginning to end.

  4. Have a great trip, kiddo :)

  5. Enjoy the "road" Kay.
    Safe travels

  6. When me and Shirl begin a trip we sing a few bars of that good ol song for good luck.

    Have a good visit Kay

  7. Have a great trip Kay....stay safe.


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