Sunday, June 07, 2009

It's the Groaner of the Week!!!!!!!!!

I found today's offering deep in the archives and some of you may tell me to send it back but I'm pretty sure y'all will groooaaannn for mercy if for no other reason!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!

Farmer Jones got out of his car and while heading for his friend's door, he noticed a pig with a wooden leg. His curiosity roused, he asked, "Fred, how'd that pig get him a wooden leg?"

"Well Michael, that's a mighty special pig! A while back a wild boar attacked me while I was walking in the woods. That pig there came a runnin', went after that boar and chased him away. Saved my life!"

"And the boar tore up his leg?"

"No he was fine after that. But a bit later we had that fire. Started in the shed up against the barn. Well, that ole pig started squealin' like he was stuck, woke us up, and 'fore we got out here, the dern thing had herded the other animals out of the barn and saved 'em all!"

"So that's when he hurt his leg, huh, Fred?"

"No, Michael. He was a might winded, though. When my tractor hit a rock and rolled down the hill into the pond I was knocked clean out. When I came to, that pig had dove into the pond and dragged me out 'fore I drownded. He sure did save my life."

"And that was when he hurt his leg?"

"Oh no, he was fine. Cleaned him up, too."

"OK, Fred. So just tell me. How did he get the wooden leg?"

"Well. . ." the farmer tells him . . .

". . . A pig like that, you don't want to eat all at once."

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Oh, gross. and I'm chuckling in spite of it.

  2. Okay, that one got a laugh out of me.


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