Saturday, May 30, 2009

Who's Starring in Your Movie?

Since Thursday, when I wrote the post on the film version of Patricia Cornwell's "Scarpetta" and criticized the casting of Angelina Jolie in the title role, I've given a lot of thought to who I'd want to play me in the story of my life.

I'd love to say Meryl Streep but alas! I really don't think that would work. I've been told for years that I look like Lauren Bacall. (What do you think?) The photo of her was taken in the 90s when she was in her 70s. My photo was taken a year ago.

Sigh. I wish. She's probably my favorite actress (in a tie so close with Katharine Hepburn I couldn't tell you which is really #1!) so I guess I'd go with that. Besides, she does both drama and comedy well and my life has been a tragi-comedy. However, I don't think it could/would happen. So far my life hasn't had the happy endings Hollywood requires. LOL

Okay. Here's your challenge: Who do you think should have the title role in your life story and why? You don't have to do anything fancy unless you wish to do so -- just leave a note in comments.

Have fun!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. I love the idea of Lauren Bacall to play you!!

    I have no idea who should play me in a movie. I don't look like any current stars, although I have one friend who still says I remind him of Audrey Hepburn back in the 50's. My life wouldn't make a very interesting movie anyway, so it would be hard to pick someone for the job.

  2. Sara Gilbert ("Roseanne") was always a favorite. I think she could most adequately capture my typically deadpan facial expressions and ungovernable hair...

  3. Judy: Whoa!!!!! I am jealous!!!! Audrey Hepburn is probably #3 of my top 10 actresses and has been my fashion role model for years!!! Loved her in Breakfast at Tiffany's in all those glorious Givenchy clothes. And yeah, I have an excellent collection of little black dresses.

    Volly: Why doesn't that surprise me? lol

  4. Wally Shawn standing on a box

  5. Marc: Perfect!!!!!!!

  6. I have been told quite a bit that I look like Meryl Streep or should that be she looks like me. So guess it'd be her. Actually I like playing my own leading role though :)

  7. Don't worry about Hollywood not wanting your story because you think your life so far hasn't had a happy ending. They'll automatically write a happy ending on it since they can bear to do otherwise to stories.

    I suppose Bacall could read the lines appropriately if they were written in your voice, but I think of you as a more earthy type person in dialogue than I've ever heard from the characters I've seen her play. I do like her though.

    I think I'd pick Maureen Stapleton to play me. I think she has been a really great character actress and that's what I would have aspired to be had I sought a theatre career -- none of that star stuff for me. So far I haven't had to worry about being a star!!! Ha

  8. Ma Kettle. 'Nuff said.

  9. When I was young I was told I looked like Bette Davis (I did not take that as a compliment) but she's dead. No movie for me.

    Kay, remember Lauren Bacall's photo was airbrushed. In reality she really looks way older than you. I have a friend in the NY theater who took a snapshot of her and she looks really old.

  10. Yes, I would say you look like Lauren Becall from the pic you posted. I've always liked her, as a person and an actress.
    You have asked a hard question, I don't know who would play me. Maybe, Mary Steenburgen or Lily Tomlin.

  11. Of suggestions posted by my readers (four years ago, so take this with several grains of salt), the least-implausible would be Paul Giamatti.

  12. Rain: Knowing you as I do, I like that idea.

    Jo: Leave it to you to choose a redhead and a gifted and intelligent one at that!

    Betty: LOL Nooooooooooooooo

    Darlene: Nooooooo not Bette Davis. There's someone in the back of my mind but I can't get to it.

    Chaz: I think Paul Giamatti would be great casting.

  13. LST: Not sure since I don't know what you look like.


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