Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Thoughts for Sunday

Had busy days the past few days. I think I might be in over my head and am trying to do too much. Oh well -- as long as I'm on the road on the proper day, I'm good to go. And if it all doesn't get done, it will be here when I get back. Through all this, I've been thinking again.

* No more Margaret and Helen for me. I don't attack other people's religion and I don't suffer attacks on mine. I don't care if you worship Yahweh, Mohammed, Buddha or the Great Wazoo, as long as you leave my brand of Christianity alone, we're okay. Besides, that blog has tended to nag at me more and more -- something about it isn't quite right. Maybe it's that I don't use the F-word. I have to get really seriously angry before that word comes out of my mouth. I don't remember the last time I used it and you will never ever see it here. Even my sailor dad never used that word.

* The Cavaliers lost tonight. I'm disappointed as is everyone else here. A championship would have given this depressed area we call home and y'all call NE Ohio something to feel good about so of course it didn't happen. I'm still proud of them. They had a great regular season and fought valiantly to the end. I won't be watching the next round. I have neither interest nor use for the Magic or the Lakers.

* I really loved your responses to yesterday's post. It was interesting and fun to see who y'all would like to star in your movie.

* AND if y'all thought that was fun, y'all can go to which is a really interesting site to begin with and use their face recognition software here to see what celebrities y'all look like. According to it, I look 72% like Diane Keaton. That made me laugh because after my daughter saw The First Wives' Club she told me I was Diane's character and even looked like her (My hair was streaked in those days). It also said that to lesser degrees I resemble Susan Sarandon, Jacqueline Bisset and Raquel Welch but no Lauren Bacall. Try it! It's fun! You can even create a collage of you and your lookalikes!

I know this is short but I'm going to go fall asleep while I watch Bacall in "The Mirror Has Two Faces" -- it's a favorite of mine. I always cry at the end!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Happy Sunday Kay....sweet dreams. Hey, you DO resemble Diane. Love, Joy

  2. In that pic, you DO look like Diane!!

  3. hope your Sunday turned out to me marvelous.....

  4. I just watched the Stone Family with Diane Keaton last night. I really like her a lot. She seems to be such a likable person.

    As for Margaret and Helen, I've taken Helen's language with a whole handful of salt but I believe so much of what she says. I have wondered what she's really like in person.

  5. Joy: Maybe. Happy days to you!

    Judy: Kinda sorta maybe. I like her. She's ageing gracefully.

    Susan: Thank you!!! Same to you!

    Kay: She;s a fav of mine, too,

    As to Margaret and Helen, someone wiser than I said that profanity is the refuge of the ignorant. While I detest the language, ny biggest reason is ranting against my religion and I said that on my blog. I don't rant about anyone's religion (or lack of one) as long as they leave me alone. I stand by the First Amendment on that.

  6. That's a great photo of you, Kay; and, yes, you do look like Diane Keaton!


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