Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Good Advice for Elders

In case no one noticed, May is Senior Citizens month (while I'd like that changed to Elders Month, I'm not going to war . . . yet.) so I'm going to do a few posts on aging now and then.

I receive a newsletter via email twice each month from the Ohio Department of Aging called "Aging Issues". It always is interesting and informative and relevant for elders and it keeps me informed of programs and services available to Ohio elders. They also have an excellent website. I enjoy both so much that I wonder if other states do something similar or if they even have a Department of Aging like we do. What does your state do for elders?

I think that most of us find driving a bigger hassle as we get older. Our days of playing Mario Andretti are over. "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena" that Jan & Dean made famous in our youth is a rarity. Heck! I bet Jan & Dean have slowed down a lot, too. I think I'm happier in little Miss Ruby than I ever was in the 383 4-barrel convertible of my misspent youth and I'd rather dawdle along city streets or country roads than join the terrors of the Ohio Turnpike or the Interstate highway system. I swear they try to eat Miss Ruby and I alive.

In fact, I'm exploring an alternate route for my trip to Toledo to avoid the latter. I like seeing the little burgs and stopping at Mom & Pop restaurants for coffee or lunch. I don't think that faster is always better. Getting there is half the fun for me. And not having a big fat semi on my bumper lowers the stress. 'Sides all you see on the Turnpike are signs about the next service plaza while you're doing what I call the "orange barrel polka". Unfortunately, I haven't figured out a way around the huge new bridge across the Maumee River so it will be "white knuckle" time.

This trip I plan to take pictures of the house where I grew up -- I might even knock on the door and talk to the people who live there now -- and I'm going to stop in Greenwich (pronounced 'green-witch' not 'grenitch') where we lived when I was born and look around and take photos. I'll probably also wander around the Point and see what's changed. I've promised Barb that we will go visit my dad's grave and take flowers -- she doesn't drive anymore. I'm going to have to be stoic -- I didn't cry through the whole thing when Dad died until the honor guard fired their salute at the cemetery -- and then I fell apart and sobbed uncontrollably. On another level, I think I know why that happened but I'm not going to go there.

All that said, I'm looking forward to my 'sentimental journey' and here's Doris Day with her first #1 hit when she sang with Les Brown and his Band of Renown. Enjoy!!!! My dad used to sing this song to me.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I'm definitely dealing with aging issues and not having a ton of fun with it. However, I'm grateful I have what I have and can do what I can so far.

  2. great song Kay I think it was orginally on a movie soundtrack of a film of the same name. Good luck on your trip which I hope you are able to find a scenic route for part of it. Shirl and I like to travel that way so I understand you.

  3. When I'm driving alone I sometimes like to turn up the radio and hit the gas pedal. I guess those days will eventually come to an end, but for now I still get a thrill.

    FYI Jan Berry of Jan and Dean was seriously injured in an automobile accident in 1966 and was comatose for 10 months after. He remained partially paralyzed until his death from a seizure in 2004.

  4. Kay: Bette Davis said "Getting old isn't for sissies." She was right.

    GFB: Nope. It wasn't it was written by Les Brown and was the theme song for his band. It was later used as a theme song for a film. And I've got my route planned so I'll be staying away from major traffic until I get to Toledo.

    Annie: Go Granny, Go! And after I wrote this I remembered that Jan had been injured. I loved the surfer music.

  5. have a safe and fun trip.
    via con Dios

  6. Jan has since left us.

    First time I went to California, I made a point of looking for, and driving upon, Dead Man's Curve. It wasn't quite where Jan had placed it, and they'd long since taken most of the risk out of it. Still, if the song comes up on the radio, I'll mention: "Been there, drove that."

  7. Kay,

    You have a good idea about going back to your old home and knocking on the door.

    Last year my daughter answered her door and there was an older gentleman on her step with a younger fellow.

    The young man was the son and he explained to Carol that he was taking his dad to every house he had ever lived in and Carol's was one of them.

    She invited them in and the older man went from room to room bringing back memories of birthday parties and Christmases he had celebrated in that home.

    So, maybe you will have the same response if you go to see your old home. If not, at least you will have the fun of seeing the outside of the house and the changes that have been made since you lived there...

  8. Znnie: Thanks!!!!

    Chaz: Wayyyyyyyy cool!!!! Isn't it weird how we do such things? Ive done more than one pilgrimage to such places.

    Nancy: Last year I drove by the house but didn't stop because I needed to get on the road. They're still painting the house the same way but the trees my dad planted are huge! I just wonder if my bedroom is still pink. LOL My parents built the house in 1952 with a GI loan and took great pride in it. I'm just delighted to see that it's still as well-cared for as it was when we lived there.

  9. Kay, you took me back on a sentimental journey this morning. I remember Les Brown and his band of renown very well.

    Have a safe journey and I hope you are able to go inside your home. That can never happen for me because the place I grew up in was torn down and a Safeway store is in the spot where our Lodge building was.

  10. I wish there was train service to more locations. It's a lovely way to travel.

    I was such a kid when Doris Day was popular, I've only just realized lately what a good singer she was.

  11. Virgina: My dad and grandpa were both railroaders so trains were very much a part of my growing up. I wish I could take a train to Toledo. Then again, I'd have to rent a car to do what I want to do.

    And yeah, I grew up with Doris Day songs and music. Remember all the films she made with Rock Hudson and how cute we thought he was?

  12. Nancy5:45 PM

    Kay and Virginia,

    Thanks to the new administration in Washington, Amtrak is being given quite a bit of money to buy new equipment and establish service to new places and upgrade their exiting service on the current lines.

    I hope you are able to use the train in the very near future.

    President Obama recognizes that not everyone has a car and that a great many people depend on public transportation.

    Our Vice President rode Amtrak to D.C. for years while he served as U.S.Senator from Delaware. He had a lot to do with trying to upgrade the service for all of us....

  13. Have a safe and wonderful trip Kay...enjoy every minute of it. ~Joy

  14. have a great trip! and i applaud your search for backroads and byways to drive on. they're far more interesting than the interstates, where you don't dare take your eyes off the road for a second....

  15. thanks to the Canadian government I have Old Age Security...but I say something rude when it shows up in my account

  16. California has a lot of aging programs, as does each city, but with the state nearing bankruptcy, I'm sure programs will be cut.

    Have a wonderful trip own memory lane, although I have found it true that we can't really ever go home again. You and Miss Ruby have a safe trip.

  17. Enjoy the back roads as I generally think they're the most interesting. Nice if you have plenty of time and can stop here and there on a whim.


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