Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Mission Boldly Goes On!!!

Yeah. I'm still working on my place. When I clean, I clean. That means everything: closets, shelves, cupboards, woodwork -- you name it, I am there organizing. When a body grows up in a house where her mother washed her windows every week (and made me and my sister straighten our dresser drawers weekly by dumping them on our beds), you learn to be obsessive-compulsive.

As a result of my upbringing, for me, what should be a couple hours of work inevitably becomes a major production. Never mind that because of this, I often postpone projects because I know this happens. (Cleopatra isn't the only queen of denial!) And never mind, that since my stroke some things are damned hard to do one-handed. Bottom line: I may never outgrow this.

Sooooooo everything is taking longer than I planned. The kitchen is about 99,9% done and the bathroom is about 97% done. I've dented the living room and my bedroom -- both relatively easy -- but since everything lands in the dining room, it's my biggest challenge. It also has two closets that need organization. Sigh. So far, from my bedroom I've filled a trash bag for Goodwill and am trying to decide what to do with some other things. My den will get new curtains and the bookshelves organized and my old computers (now there's a job for Batman!) set up for inspection by moi and a thorough cleaning and dusting from top to bottom.

Of course things got derailed today. I ran out of glass cleaner and a couple other things so it looked as if I had to clean up and head to the store. Then Lisa friend called and asked what I'd charge to do two-card readings for her bridge club. I told her and after telling me my price was too low, she asked me to come over tonight.

I said yeah and re-arranged my schedule and hit the showers and headed out and about. My new cell phone arrived in the mail and had to take time to go out to the AT&T store to get things transferred from my old phone to the new one. (Have you noticed that when your contract is up, your phone is on it's last legs?) My new one is below and loaded with all sorts of crapola I'll never use. However, the ringtones and wallpaper are horrid -- gotta get the Buckeyes' fight song back!

Isn't it a cute lil' thang? And it's scarlet and gray!!!!!! Now I get to get used to the damn thing! (And I forgot to go to the grocery which means I'm out of fresh fruit! Yikes!)

Anyway, the gals enjoyed the readings. One of them asked if I'd do her garden club. I said no way. Too many people. Sylvia Browne, I ain't! LOL Anyway it was nice to pick up a couple extra bucks.

And I came home and put up a new sign I found for my bathroom: 'Some Days Are Just a Total Waste of Makeup.' Tooooo true. Sigh.

I'm done in now and am toddling off to bed. And in case you're interested, my housework music for today was "Oklahoma!!!!!!" I love Rogers and Hammerstein!11

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hmmmm.... I've got guests coming in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I'd better follow your lead and start cleaning the house, too.

  2. Glad you got a Samsung. I miss mine - it fell into the Atlantic Ocean last June. Its (cheap) replacement is a Nokia, which just doesn't function the same way. After my contract runs out I'll be back with Samsung to stay.

    Happy cleaning; sorry about your OCD "training" and hope you manage to unlearn that as you go. Interestingly (and this may help) both my 'rents were picky-picky about certain things. Dad insisted on shoes being put in the closet with toes facing outward -- like you can't identify them the other way? -- but his guy-space was so hopelessly disorganized, no one would go near it, including him! And Mom loved to label me a "lazy slob," but I was the one who ended up cleaning the mildew off the shower curtain because I couldn't stand it anymore. It's a process, IMO, of identifying what YOUR PERSONAL standards are, not those imposed by dysfunctional others.



  3. I admire your energy! I got my carpet shampooed, thats as far as my spring cleaning has gotten so far. We have to get a new cell phone because qwest is no longer going to do it. We decided on a jitterbug, my husband is soooo excited about it because its easy to use :)

  4. I'm tired out from reading your post . I think I will pop a top and rest awhile

  5. Kay, I too get on cleaning binges and wear myself out totally before I stop. I got so tired last week from over doing I had to sit myself down and take a "do nothing day" vow. I even made up a list of things I was NOT going to do. And I stuck to it. The next day I felt revived and ready to face the day.

  6. I need to import you 'cause sounds like you're doing a better job with one hand than I do with two!

    Sure hope you have that Buckeyes' Fight Song back by now. There whole football season will go to pot if you don't! Don't you want "Hang On Sloopy," too???

  7. Memory.....
    Gordon McRae and then wife, Sheila, used to appear at the top Columbus supper club, The Maramor." When their show ended they came over to relax at The Christopher Inn and listen to a popular piano, bass duo -- Bob Allen, piano, still plays in Columbus -- he never wanted to go on the road. My husband played the bass until we moved out of town, then out of state. Maramor and Inn both gone now.


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