Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

I don't celebrate Mother's Day, but I want to wish all y'all who do, a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks, Kay! It'll be a busy day today. It may be Mother's Day but I have to cook. :-) We're having a party.

  2. Well Happy Mother's Day anyway Kay and think of it as a day to celebrate nurturers and you certainly are that!

  3. I hope your children will embrace you today some way:)

  4. I agree with Rain. It should be 'Nurturer's Day'...that's what the dog and cat told me.

  5. I think we should have some kind of celebratory day that lets us recognize all those other folks that set an example and help nurture our children, even when they have none of their own.

    All the time my daughter was growing up, she had a "best friend" that was just 5 years younger than I am. She has no children of her own, and the two of them had a grand time together.

    Maybe that's why my daughter always got along so well with folks of all ages --- and why she gets so annoyed with folks that "talk down" to kids.


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