Sunday, April 05, 2009

Yeah, Da Kay Isn't Workin' on Sainthood. LOL!

Saturday was sort a busy a day for me. I actually got my you-know-what together and accomplished things after a rather dismal and frustrating week.

Marsha and I had done the First Friday arts thang with her sister (who I've adopted as my sister, too!) and celebrated it with dinner at the best Italian restaurant, Primo's, in town. Their Italian peppers are to die for and the steaks and pasta are par excellence. We are talkin' serious yum here. AND enough food to feed an army. When we left I felt like an overloaded manicotti and had died and gone to heaven! No, I'm not Italian but I swear there's one our family tree somewhere whose stomach I inherited.

Today, after sleeping in a bit, I was off and running because my new glasses came in at the optometrist and I really, really needed a trip to the laundromat in addition to other errands. After I was done with the latter, I went home and actually accomplished some things. This is good.

About nine, I decided I didn't want to be sitting around here alone and decided that I should head up the road a few blocks to the pub. Good idea! One of the few people who I actually like from high school and her hubby were around as were my buddies, Timmy (10 years younger than me) and Joe (10 years older than me). After a bit, I asked the latter, "How long have you guys been here?" Laughed my guts out at their answer. Actually, they wre in pretty good shape and we had an great conversation that covered the gun show they attended (both are collectors) as well as changing the world and ancient history.

They were all over my case bcause I voted for Obama. I just laughed a lot. I will never ever question anyone's right to vote for the candidate of their choice; I just wish they would grant me the same privilege. On ther other hand, they are my 'brothers' and I have to forgive them, right? 'Sides it was one of the best nights out I've had in ages! What a weekend!!!!!!!!!! Cool, huh?

At any rate we had fun and laughed a lot, It's nice to have people around who don't stress a body out. It's after 1 AM now and I have answered my email. It's off to bed for the old gal. I have a long list for Sunday (OMG today!!) and hope I accomplish some good thingS! Looks like I'll be at noon Mass! Hope y'all have a great day, too!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!


  1. What in the world am I doing up and on the computer at this hour? Ummm...Trying to catch up, naturally. I'm glad I came by, love this post. It's nice to hear you all had fun and laughed a lot. And, you are right, it's nice to have people around who don't stress a body out, the other kind makes me get "evil thoughts". I don't like that, have to say extra prayers.

  2. I cannot wait to sink my teeth into some pasta, and manicotti sounds perfect! How cool you ventured out to the local pub alone and ended up having a mighty fine time with old friends!

  3. So glad you hear you had such a good time out really needed that. When was the last time you laughed like that sweetie? Best medicine ever. I think you need a dose of that more often. Have a good Sunday...Love, Joy

  4. I'm glad you had a good time, too. Seems like they are few and far between these days!

  5. Kay;

    It's amazing to me how much laughter helps us cope with life...and a great meal helps a lot too!
    Glad that you got a break from life's trials!

  6. I came back just in time to hear that you had a really really good time. I'm so happy for you. There's nothing like laughter to chase the cobwebs away.

  7. The guests(friends) that we are hosting at our house are both conservative Republicans. We are carefully avoiding politics and religion for topics of conversation.

  8. Laughter and good friends. What a great combination. I do believe there lurks a Greek relative somewhere in my Irish background because I feel about Greek food the way you do about Italian.
    glad you had such a joyous and if I read correctly, raucous week-end.


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