Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Tale of Two Memes --Yikes!!!!!

My friend Marc Aurel is an ambitious soul who has two blogs: as if c'est what and Aural's Laurels and has memes posted at both, He tagged me with a meme at the former. He didn't tag anyone at the latter but I liked both so I'm gonna do both and tag all y'all to do the one you like best if you're so inclined. Have fun!!!!!!! I did!!!!!!!!
The first is a real bona fide meme -- it's all about y'all!!!
1. What is your current obsession?

Organizing my books.

2. Which item of clothing do you wear often?

My black leather jacket. (All I need is a motorcycle.)

3. What's for dinner?

Frozen dinner with Rocky Road for dessert.

4. What are you listening to?

Ray Charles -- Greatest Hits

5. Say something to the one that tagged you.

Marc, I'm glad you're over the 'bug' or whatever you had and feeling better!

6. Favorite vacation spot?

St. John, V.I.

7. What I'm reading right now:

John LeCarre's Absolute Friends

8. Four words to describe myself.

Friendly; crazy; stubborn; dreamer

9. Guilty pleasure

Heggy's Chocolates

10. First Spring thing?

Neighborhood clean-up

11. What do you look forward to?

Any time I can spend with the people I love.

12. What is your most prized possession?

My friends.

13. Add one question: What historical figure would you like to have a beer (or whatever) with?

Thomas Jefferson

Okay, that's one meme down; one to go.

This one is Ten Favorite Movie Characters. I am a serious film buff and there are dozens of movies that I love so I chose the first ten that came to mind as I checked my video collection. I tried for chronological but the uploading didn't go as planned!

I loved Basil Rathbone in the old Sherlock Holmes movies.

Frankly, Scarlet . . .

Bogie and Bergman

Charlie and Rosie: "I now pronounce you man and wife -- procede with the execution."

Holly Golightly at Tiffany's

Atticus Finch (Greg Peck at his finest)

Paul Newman (Luke) on the chain gang.

George C. Scott's best role.

Harry made Clint's career.

Bette and Barbara made me cry.

Morgan Freeman in excellent form -- It was tossup between this and "Miss Daisy"

A new fav movie: TLJ was excellent.

I want to tell y'all it was hard to decide what I wanted to post and even harder to get everything loaded here. Blogger can be soooooo uncooperative, dontcha know?

If either meme sounds like your cuppa -- have at it and let me know!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


  1. I can tell I'd like movie night at your house. I'll bring the frozen lasagna and you furnish the Rocky Road. Which movie? Frankly, my dear...I don't give a damn. They're all good.

  2. A fine choice in movies and frankly my dear I do give a damn about them......

  3. What Marty said!! Yes, they are all good.

  4. Bogie and Bacall....are a much better couple, but you've shown Bogey and Bergman, whome I chose because she is so achingly attractive. I wanted John Leguisamo in Moulin Rouge!, but could not find a photo. I could easily chose ten males and ten females.

  5. Marc -- I corrected it. While writing the post, a call came in that will keep me busy for the next week.

  6. Have you visited Monticello, Jefferson's home here in VA? I've been many times and always enjoy visiting. The man was a genius and a true Renaissance man. He did love wine, so I might have a glass of vino with him! Re: the movie characters, I'm also a diehard GWTW fan (that's why I named one of my sons Rhett!).


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