Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I learned a couple things past couple days.

  1. As much lip service as people give to their concerns about privacy on the 'Net, they follow the crowd to MySpace and Facebook who is one of the biggest violaters.
  2. The government is NOT here to help ANYONE.
  3. Having the courage of my convictions doesn't get me anywhere except ostracized.
  4. Lying is the new national pastime.
  5. Friends who tell you they're concerned about you, aren't.

I am crabby, tired and upset but I will prevail and survive somehow. It's been a rocky week. I am tired and feel like hell. Hopefully the doc will make a move to help Friday.

Hope y'all are doing okay. I will be fine. All I ask is your patience.

To end on a brighter note, here's a video of one of my favorite songs as sung by one of my favorite actors (playing one of my favorite curmudgeons) from the film version of one of my favorite musicals. Enjoy!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!


  1. I sure hope things will look brighter soon, Kay. I'm so sorry. My Fair Lady was my favorite musical when I was young.

  2. Oh, you do sound discouraged. All the best that some of your problems will be solved or lessened.

  3. If I may suggest Kay: You have learned those five truths so put them behind you and concentrate on getting well.

    Keep us posted on your progress I feel that there are folks that read your blog and like I do care about you.

  4. Hey, Kay,

    Here's hoping you feel better soon and that the doctor does you some good. Your comment on the government reminds me of Bert in 'Tremors 3': 'These people are NOT your friends. They are government agents!!' 'My Fair Lady' is one of my favorites also. I agree with you about MySpace and Facebook. But over the last couple of days, however, I got a bit of a look at why so many might be going to those spaces. Mom just signed up because my sister and her family are on. I am resisting but I don't know how long I can hold out. LOL!!

  5. Oh, Kay. I do hope things get better for you on Friday.

  6. Wish I could wave a magic wand and help from way over here, but I can't. I hate seeing (I know I know. I can't really "see" you, but you know what I mean) you feeling so low. But I'm still here.

  7. Hang in there kiddo. Like you i have learned the government's only here to help themselves and those who lie are only lying to themselves. Rest your body, mind and soul, grab hold of your postive thoughts and memories. Tomorrow will be a better day. I love My Fair Lady also :)

  8. Love the movie and the song, and I concur with those things you learned!

  9. Okay toots, I may have to agree with some of those 'truths.' I just hope you feel better soon Kay. I think there are a lot of us who really do care about you and have been sending little prayers your way for things to look up.

    Love My Fair Lady.... ~Joy


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