Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Song!!!!!!

As promised, I'm continuing Ronni's "Happy Songs" theme. Wednesday was an amazing day. Ever have your life turn completely inside, outside, upside down with one phone call? That's what happened here and I'll bring y'all up to speed come Saturday when I know more.

This lady is probably my favorite female vocalists of all time. I can never hear her wonderful voice without smiling! Her enthusiasm has always been contagious to audiences. Here she is belting out one of the many songs she made famous in one of her final performances. She never lost that fabulous voice! Ethel, I miss you!!!! I hope y'all enjoy her as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Those days were so much simpler, weren't they. . .

  2. She was such a powerful performer. She almost commanded your attention.

  3. She was a belter for sure mainly I think because of singing on the stage. Irving Berlin's favourite singer

  4. Cole Porter said "you can hear Merman's voice at the back of the top balcony and that's BEFORE she starts singing!"

    This song is from one of my all time favorite musicals, Gypsy.

    When my daughter first starting doing vocal performance, we had a standing joke between us -- it's not an accident that I have t-shirts with the words "mama rose" on them, and I still from time to time say to her "sing out Louise" (even though her name is actually Dorothy)

    I'm glad to note you sound happier about the trend of things --- can't wait to "hear" more!!

  5. I love that song and I adore Ethel!!

    I have seen 'Gypsy' a million times.

  6. Ethel could really belt them out. She had no trouble making her voice reach the last row in the highest balcony.

    She had so much energy; too bad we are losing those kind of performers.

  7. I hope that's your new theme song...I really do! :)


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