Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After

I am as a very Cranky Old Broad today. I recall presidential elections of my younger years when people still had brains and manners and by the time the election was over and the new president inaugurated that people let go of their differences and hoped and prayed that the new president would perform his duties well and handle whatever challenges our country faced with grace and courage.

Not this election. The idiots who were spouting nonsense before the election are still spouting it. Rush Limbaugh had the audacity to say, "I hope he fails." What a horrible thing to say!!! He obviously doesn't care what happens to this country. Maybe he has enough cash stashed to afford his drugs and cigars to survive the collapse of this nation. Do his dittohead supporters think he'll save them? If they do, then their collective IQ is a lot lower than I thought. (Are there IQs in negative numbers?)

The tired venom -- like "Barack Hussein Obama" as an attempt to imply that Obama is a Muslim is still around -- and indicates a mentality that I can't deal with rationally or logically understand. If it's meant as a joke -- and I doubt it -- I don't see the humor in it. These people scare me and I fear for the safety of Obama and his family.

If John McCain had shown the class he's been showing in recent weeks (and chosen a different running mate and kicked Karl Rove to the curb) it might have been a different election but he chose to let the extreme right wing dictate his campaign. That he and Obama have been meeting and they are working together is a good example for all of us but obviously some people can't open their hearts and mind to the fact that we are all in this together -- like it or not -- and will suffer the consequences: if Obama fails, we all fail.

Here is a comment I saw today in my travels: "Obama the Antichrist. Mark my words. :)"

Horrifying no?

I am ashamed to be a Christian which is why I always refer to myself as a Catholic. Then again, I'm guessing that these are the children of the people who said in 1960 that if Jack Kennedy was elected, the Pope was going to come over and run our country. Right. And I know that they don't think Catholics are Christians and I'm not in the mood to give a history lesson that would fall on deaf ears anyway.

I have a problem with bigotry of any stripe or color. These bigots teach me to believe that Gandhi was right when he said, "I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ."

I suppose I should, as a Christian, be praying for these people who seem to want the downfall of our country but right now I can't. Instead I'm going to pray that God protects us from their misbegotten ideas and helps Obama lead our country forward. And oh yeah, I'm going to ask him to forgive me for ranting.

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  1. I have run into the same thing and it's equally amazing to me. What are people thinking? They follow Limbaugh's lead who benefits from the failure of our government, but what does it do for them? I don't get it. It was settled down but the Inauguration stirred it all up and it is surprising. Even those of us who didn't trust Bush hoped he would succeed. It's stupid to want less. And now here we are with people trying to demean and ridicule Obama hoping he will fail and hence us for the next 4 years. It's crazy. You said it well

  2. Thank you, Rain! I never wanted Bush to fail either. What sort of person can call himself/herself a patriot and want their president to fail? If they don't like Obama, I suggest they leave and see how their you-know-what flies in another country.

  3. Well said, Kay. I have also heard the 'antichrist' comment and it infuriates me. Anyone who says they want him to fail should be hauled up on treason. It is unthinkable to me.

  4. Very well stated, Kay. I had heard the anti-Christ thing, too. I'm just going to ignore the nay sayers. We all need to give the new administration a chance.

    As for Rush Limbaugh, I'm always utterly shocked that anyone with an intellect can even listen to him, much less like or espouse his principals. The guy is nuts.

    Thank God that so many of us are hopeful.

  5. It's hard to know how to remain impervious to such sad statements of ignorance. Yet, I believe people such as Mr. Obama have been learning how to do so their whole lives. Even if it is difficult not to be effected by such fools as Limbaugh and Palin, somehow we have to find a noble means of placing them into obscurity.

  6. Rant away, Kay! I've heard those same things (the Muslim deal, anti-Christ, etc.). Trust me: Rumors will fly about the closing of Gitmo (he's letting the terrorists out to continue their mission).

    Re: the term Christian, I refer to myself as a Catholic Christian. A lot of "Christians" give lip service and don't emulate Jesus. He partied with sinners and reached out to the hurting.

  7. The Limbaugh's of the world will always be around. What America can do, and will do,is ignore the negative and rally around a leader who instills a quiet confidence and a soft power to lead by example.

  8. you said it for me, kiddo!! Gandhi was right.

    cheer up....there'll always be idiots! just keep posting your good stuff!

  9. I now see where your comment on my blog came from. I am not really all that surprised at the persistence of such bitter negativity. They are True Believers. Their world view and philosophy are never wrong and can never be proven wrong. Facts to the contrary are not really facts at all. If Obama fails they will see the failure as immediate proof that they were right all the time. If Obama succeeds, it will merely be an anomalous moment in time. As True Believers they are incredibly arrogant--they would rather rule in a hell that mirrors their views than live in a heaven that proves them wrong.

  10. Judy: I agree however we still have the right of the First Amendment.

    Fran: I think Al Franken said it best when he called his book, "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot". What he said is unconscionable and un-American.

    Lia: You are indeed right. I'm afraid that I will never get used to people who are so abusive and ignorant. They frighten me.

    Amy: I agree. I hold the idea that God must have loved sinners because he made so many of us. I know God will forgive these people -- I can't which i just another of my many human failings.

    Dave: I agree but I'm still scared at the number of people who treat his words as gospel and might be unstable enough to hurt Obama.

    M.E.: Thank you!!!!

    Mary: Very well said. I think these people need to acquaint themselves with the 7 Deady Sins because they are guilty, guilty, guilty of committing them as well as breaking most most of the Commandments.

  11. Amen and amen (but then, with me you are "preaching to the choir"!)

    I am appauled by the narrow minded neocons and their refusal to recognize what a means to have an election fairly won, not stolen away by back room dealing.

    We'd better all pray that BHO does what he has set out to do --- or we'll all be learning some new set of laws and language when we fall like the Romans did

  12. There are always going to lunkheads like Limbaugh Kay...they scare the breath out of me and they make me shutter for our country. I'll never understand what they possibly think they are doing for this country that is in any way positive. Who in their right mind would want the leader of their country to fail? Well, I guess that says it all. Thanks said it very well....

  13. Kay.......I found your blog as a result of following Rain's.
    Drop by mine....we have alot in common!

  14. As a non-American, I seldom hear (or want to hear) what Rush Limbaugh has to say. So, after reading your post, I did a little Googling and came up with dozens of quotes from Mr. Limbaugh that prove he is a pathetic excuse for an American. The amount of vitriol and untruths he espouses is sickening. The truly sad and appalling part is that there are others who actually believe what he says.

    I wish all the best for President Obama and the American people. You've come a long way and I hope things improve, but with the Limbaughs of the world, it won't be easy.

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  16. Kay, wanted to say thank you for your kind comments and support of me and my journey. i have posted three awards, and you in mind for them. thanks for spreading cheer my way.


  17. Believe it or not - Willy hopes he is the best President we ever had.

    Willy hopes that about all Presidents.

    Willy is sometimes pleased and sometimes disappointed.

    Willy hopes he is pleased in four years.

    Hard to believe isn't it.

    10-4 Willy

  18. I just don't understand those people. Does Rush really believe the trash that comes from his mouth? I'm sorry... I have to go find my happy place now.

  19. Kay,

    One of those commentators (possibly Rush) said once that he didn't have to be accurate as he was entertainment not education. Wish I had saved the quote!

    I posted the day after the election, "...All you have to do is read today's nasty and negative comments about Obama's win and consider the mindset of those who are so bent on wishing him ill that they hope that their own United States will not prosper under his administration..."

  20. About Limbaugh: he makes a lot of money for being such a a**hole! What I don't understand is how FOX is considered to be a legitimate news source. Have you checked into any of their shows lately? I have plenty more to say but it wouldn't be good for my blood pressure so I'll stop here. But I'm happy to see you only had to delete one comment out of all the replies on this post. That shows there are still thinking people out there!


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