Monday, November 17, 2008

Quick Note: All Right Already Redux

This is supposed to be a week off from politics which my poor tired brain needs desperately, but nooooooooooo I get flak from people about my views and disallowing comments from people who appear to have neither the brains nor intelligence to have their own blog and feel entitled to use MY blog as THEIR forum. It ain't happenin', boys and girls! I don't mind respectful dissent but I won't tolerate ignorance and hate.

I am done tolerating people who feel compelled to change my mind. By the time I decide to write about a topic, I have explored it and done my homework. My Daddy told me long ago never to argue about religion or politics. I try very hard not to do either. In fact, I avoid arguing with anyone about anything unless pushed. Those of you who read here regularly know that. Y'all also know that I don't tolerate stress well and I can't help but feel that some of my current health problems are stress-related and given my medical history, I do try to avoid stress. My blog is, as it states above "is where I think out loud about Life, the Universe and Everything." I'm not looking for an argument -- I'm just thinking out loud.

I am now considering shutting this down. If I can't run it the way I want it without being questioned, I'll find something else to do with my time. Right now I am tired and angry and about ready to cry. Please forgive me. Thanks to all of you who have been with me through this adventure.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!

A Very Unhappy Kay


  1. Kay, please reconsider - or consider carefully. Don't let others stress you out in this way. Just ignore them, like I do.

  2. I come to your posts to hear your view and enjoy your wit. I hope to continue doing this for a long time. My only regret is that I discovered your wonderful blog only recently.


  3. Judy: My tolerance for idiots is at an all time low after this election. All I wanted to do this week is write about my Buckeyes and have some fun.

    Dave: Thank you, Dave! It's people like you that make this a joy. The ones who don't have been too much with me of late.

  4. Nancy2:01 PM


    Cheer up now. We all enjoy reading your blog and your fun Groaners..

    If anyone has an argument with you just delete what they have said and never think of it again.

    You have too many friends to let a few idiots dictate what you should do or say.

  5. If you give up your blog Kay then the jerks and pukes have won.

    Don't let them!!

  6. The election inflamed a lot of passions because it was so divisive, and I blame John McCain for not reining in the people who were spewing their hatred. But, it's over, now, and if they're bitter enough about it to express themselves on other people's blogs, that's their problem. You know yours isn't the only one they have commented on. It's pathetic, really, that people have to attack perfect strangers because they're just sore losers. But, don't let them cause you to give up on your blog. Things will settle down before long.

  7. Nope, you can't quit cuz you know, your dad was right. Don't argue w/ them, just delete them. It is YOUR blog.
    And, too many of us depend on you to make us think!
    And I depend on you to make me laugh.

  8. Kay,

    I'm sure you could make a game of it. Just think of the unwelcome commenters as, I dunno, terrorists, or rats, or Dementors, or what have you, and keep track of how many you can "zap" every day. After awhile, they'll stop coming around, and you'll probably miss them.

    But not half as much as we'd all miss you if you took down your shingle!!

  9. yeah, Kay. I LOVE you, please don't quit. You can go private, and we will all sign up.
    and all the stuff said above, I say "amen" to them.
    love you, my friend. please don't stop.

  10. Hey -- Illegitimi non carborundum -- bet you know what that means. :-) If not, try Wikipedia.

  11. Thanks for all the support!

    I do know that indeed, Jan!!!

  12. Hey! Hang in there. You don't have to tolerate rude and abusive comments. As for the others, answer those you feel inclined to respond to and let the rest just be. Think you have the right idea focusing on OSU's football season now and some other topics that interest you.

  13. DO NOT SHUT DOWN! This is YOUR place in cyberspace, Kay. I've been through some similar experiences and didn't blog for a while, but blogging is cathartic for me. You have much to say, and you challenge us.

    Besides, what would we do without the groaner of the week?

  14. Hi, Kay,

    Just a quick note to support you. Don't let the B%#$&^S win. You are entitled to your opinions and have the right to express them. Blogs are not equal opportunity sites, nor are they governed by any requirement to be fair, balanced, or even well researched. Let the critics start their own blogs. There are several free platforms they can use. Keep on truckin' and make use of the delete key when necessary.


    P.S.--I am glad you think out your positions and do research. It makes reading your blog all the more fun and informative.

  15. Kay, you can see by the comments that your blogging buddies don't want you to leave. I think you know what to do. Don't take any of those remarks to heart sweetie...even though I know as you read them it may be hard not to. This anger will die know that. It's much more important that you have this place to share your voice...and that we hear your voice. That was the reason you started your blog to begin with....and that hasn't changed. There are enough things that bring stress in our lives....this shouldn't be one of them.

  16. I can relate to being stressed on meeting far right people who attacked me verbally. It is good for you to blog about how these people make you feel. And I agree that it is not good to put your health at risk. I hope for the best.


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